A New Dream

Much time has passed from the time of sadness. Tyya reached within herself and found strength within her to overcome the dark sadness left within her heart after what was left of her family had abandoned her. All but her sister and few others, throughout time she wondered mostly alone taking the company of mostly just her sister. Her heart was a hard shell and as others companions came in to her life it seemed to only harden more so. She felt as if she where in a glass jar and no matter how loud she would scream no one would notice, no one would see her for what she is. But she accepted her fate, what other choice was there? Sad but true… she was seen as a sex object, a toy to most, her perfect curves and body left few emotions to others other then lust. Was it so much to want to be considered special, to be valued and even loved in that special kind of love? The kind where your heart yearns to be with that other person and your skin tingles when you think about them and you cant help but smile, the same feeling that makes your heart sink when you think that other person does not feel the same.
In this time that passed she was betrayed many times and left for dead with out a second thought, even her own chider betrayed her not that is was much of a surprise, he was always weak, but even so her thoughts no longer dwell on the betrayal or him, the act simply reassured her at the time that no one could truly be trusted. She had a few pets that she took on mostly to feel needed but even they left her in time, she felt as if she where cursed, a plague was on her heart and anyone whom she considers trusting with that is poisoned against her and she would quickly takes heed within her own fortress around her heart. In a time of weakness she retreated to her past bad habits being enslaved once again to a slaver who treated her like a whore, in take she reawaken and demanded her freedom, after a horrible fight of tightens she did win her freedom, walking away with gashes on her body by her soul finally free to her true potential.
As an elder vampire her skills where mastered and her powers grown to the point death was not much of a threat to her and the sun a stinging anoints. A single look with in her eyes can sent the strongest of fighter’s blood a boil till their insides where torched. Spite her power and new found will; she was still alone, always alone, In shadows, in rooms, even in bed, always alone with only her paranoid thoughts to keep her company. She spent was seemed like years in her cave, only venturing out to feed on the blood of mortal. The world held no interest for her.
One night when out she came across a old friend one of the most loyal and charming, by the name of Merlitz, she had always wanted to be by his side but fate had other plans, it always seemed to get in her way, nothing ever goes right, it was to much to ask for one thing to go right. Happiness was too much to ask for.
Tyya took up resident in a near by club called The Collared Dragon. Merlitz often came to see her and on a night she could not help herself and they shared in a passionate moment, inside she never wanted to leave his arms, but why would he want to be with, no one ever wanted her as a mate, and what’s to say he wont change his mind as so many others have. Her attraction to him was almost unbearable as she lost all interest in all other males and females together. They confessed their love to one another and in that moment her heart was set free. This one moment scared her deeply, so much pain so much lose, she was falling even more in love with him by the moment, it could not stop the world seemed to fly around her and nothing mattered as long as she was by his side. The way he looked at her the way he touched her it made her feel safe.
Merlitz was the first male she allowed become her mate and she allowed herself to trust him, he reawaked a loyalty in her that she thought have long been dead. But Merlitz needed a child so to reassure his DNA in the realm. As a vampire Tyya was torn as she was not able to reproduce but there was a young mortal girl whom is descendent of the lovely Lady Tyya, perhaps some far off cousin from a long line of her family tree. On a dark stormy night Tyya possessed her body and conceived a child with her lover Merlitz. The little kitten Cassi was born healthy and grows in power every day, with her mothers slyness and grace and her fathers will and power she will be a true force to reckon with. The females body who Tyya barrowed for a time died in child birth so that the child could live, though she is gone, there will always be the assents of her floating the realm.
Tyya and Merlitz soon truly become mates, and she is happy, but he worries he seems to be scared that her being a vampire would risk her life and she could be killed and taken from him. Perhaps he needed her by his side just as badly as she needed him… she thought there was no way to change what she was but Merlitz told her, he could change her in to a demon like him and make her all the more powerful. She thought this over, this would bide her to him always and she feared that in time he would change his mind and no longer want her. But in time and after him reassuring her and her giving him her full trust she agreed. She and he locked them selves in to their cave and he transformed in to a more demonic side of him and he latched on to her form. The pain was instance and the process took eternity but she knew he would not do anything that risked losing her. By the time it was all over and done with she was something new, something like him. A demoness now with a vampirc tendency she was now truly part of Merlitz, at least she hopes…
A little family they are with even a pet Dragon Merlitz had given Tyya as a gift. With Merlitz as her mate she was finally truly happy, she thought this could never happen, he treats her kindly and cares for her well being… and he is truly loyal to her, and he does not tell her lies. A dream she hopes to never awake from, but at times when her paranoia kicks in, or a few words are taken out of context, she worries that she will wake up and all that she holds dear will be ripped from her arms once again… tears would stream down her face, and Merlitz would smile and give her a soft loving kiss and he would not have to say a word. She is safe with him and in his arms is her own personal heaven. This is not a happy ending only because in life there are no endings, but Tyya has fond true happiness with in the arms of her loving Mate, who is more then just a lover to her, but also a friend and trusted companion whose side she never wishes to leave. Sweet Dreams and good night Nightmares.

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