Tyya's Tale

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Tyya's tale begeins when she was very young. She never remembered very little about her childhood, just that her mother loved her very much. Tyya's mother and her lived in a small forest, they where both children of nature and at a young age she begain treaching Tyya the ways of the forest. By the time Tyya was 14 she had already mastered the very wind, and she used her own life force to heal hurt wild animals that she fond in the forest. Tyya loved spending time in the forest listening to the trees and animals that crossed her path, like Deer, birds, and even a wild horse. One day as she was walking home through the forest, and she smelled smoke and loud voices comeing from home. In a hurry she ran home, by the time she got there she saw feline and wolf men on horses. All of the horses had the mark of slavery on them. Tyya was scared and could not move,.. she saw them dragging out her feline furre mother. Tyya was froze she wanted to scream for help but could barely breath. She saw one of the slavers rase his hand with a blade, Tyya screamed "NO!" the Gaurd slit her mother throat. Haveing heard her scream the gaurds circal her, but Tyya just looks in to her mothers cold foggy eyes almost hypmotised. The gaurd looks over the very young Tyya and desides she would make a good pet to someone in need of a spirited child. Tyya's memories of that one night fog,. she should have done something quicker,.. she should of fond a way to save her mother,.... if only
Tyya was taken to the lowest of slave pens, her ears twiched as she hear the sum who had killed her mother haggle with the Slave master for a better price, "she is too skiny, her furr is pure white, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DIRT! shows on pure white furr," Tyya looked down at her white hand like paws, listening to the Slave master. "I will give you 15 gold peiced, but only becouse I have known you for so long, old friend." Tyya looks at the two males shakeing over the sale, she knows this is wrong but what was she to do? Even if she could get away where would she go? Little did you know of the horrors that whent on in this place.
Haveing been thrown in to a empty pen she takes a seat in front to take a look around. She almost felt sitck at the site of what goes on in that horrible place. Slavers drenched in a sent of blood and something she had never smelt befor, walked past her pen glanceing over her then to the next slave. Whores and slaves with leather leashes stayed close to thier masters as the slavers whould drink and make sexualy sujestive jestures to nice looking women. Tyya moved to the back of a pen and looked behind her to a dark corner senceing something horrible was takeing place,...
The corner was dark and cold and as tyya looked she got a shiver down her spine. She saw a lovely young feline girl not much older then herself. The Feline girl had short blonde hair and cream colored fur, but the most remeberable thing about her was the fear in her eyes. Tyya right then promised herself no matter how horrible it got in slavery she would not show that fear. The fear in the other girls eyes seemed to attract the worsed people. Then Tyya noticed the girl was not alone, there was a much older male with that girl,.. he was not tall but he was very muscular and the whip on his belt reasured Tyya that he was a slaver. Tyya almost jumped when the Girl screamed as the slaver touched the Girls wrist. The slaver covered the girls mouth and whispered in to her ear,.. no daught some kind of thret. The her nodded and gave up in a intastand lifting up her skirt, Tyya was in shock she could not believe this at all,.. The slaver pressed the girls back to the wall and pressed aginst the young girl. Tyya could not see much but her heart was in pain senceing the girls fear and seeing the slavers pants fall around his ankles. Tyya saw the girls tears as she bobbled agint the wall maoning in pain. The slaver grunted and panted, Tyya could smell blood mixed with the other sent she did not know what it was,.. it was seamen. Tyya could not let this go on,.. she remebered her mother and felt like it was her fault she died becouse she could not do any thing. Tyya reached over in to another pen where she saw one of the higher ranked slaved was asleep and had several throwing daggers. Tyya took the daggers and kissed the blade as her mother has tought her one night at home, so that the dagger would fly with more swiftness and power. The slaver laughed as he thrusted in to the girl crushing her agisnt the wall. Tyya threw one of the daggers as hard as she could and much to her surprise it hit the slaver in the shoulder, even through she was aiming for his back. The slaver Growled and droped the girl turning to Tyya he called to one of his near by slaver companyons. "Teach that Spirited child where her palce is." Tyya showed no fear even though she was trembling on the inside. The men gathered around her and she stood proud even though slaves near by begged Tyya to plead for her life. But Tyya would do no such thing. The men laughed at her spirit and savagely beat her. useing the backs of thier swords, clubs and anything they could find. Tyya watched as the girl that was being raped crawled out of the large slave hall turning around only once to look back at Tyya, greatfuly. Tyya would of smiled haveing given the girl a new chance at life, but the men kept beating Tyya till her fur was drenched in red blood, she passed out and did not awake for a few days.
Tyya spent many years in slavery but never had a owner for long, her spirit was too much to handle. She grow in to a lovely young women and the slavers avoided her none willing to brake her, or was it that they cound'nt. Her red hair grew long with perfect curls and her body had curves of that any goddess would be joulous of. The deep depths of dark green pools of her eyes could make the mightyest of slavers drop to their knees and wheep. She cartied few scars for haveing lived her life in a slave pen. One day when she was awaitng in the pen something what happening, many of the slaves removed dark cloaks even one that was in the pen with her. The where all stronge males and females, with armor and weapons. They started to slotter anything that was in thier way. The slavers where cought off gaurd, this was a raiding party, the warriors where even killing any slave that was loyal to slavery or a master. The dark male that was in the pen was the best fighter of them all, he was already covered in blood befor he had even got out of the pen. He looked at Tyya and seemed inpressed that she was not fearful like the other slaves and slavers alike. Tyya remained still she tryed not to look at his powerful muskles but cant help her self. He wound not kill her, with one massive swipe of the sword that came from his arm and the pen gate flew open setting Tyya free. She started to run out the door but turned around to thank him, but sadly he was already gone with the rest of his soilders, leaveing her serounded by blood and corpses. Where is she to go know? Tyya thought for a moment but she knew she would not stay here a moment longer, she will find her place on her own and will no longer be someones property. She did not know if she would ever meet the male who set her free agien, but she would always thank him for her freedom.
This young Feline girl, now new to freedom she roams the big city streets of furn. Whondering from bar to bar looking for a new home she wondered in to a place of darkness, little did she know there was light hidden in the very soul of this place. As she walked in past the front gate she noticed eyes that watched her and shadows that seemed to fallow her. Tyya sat down at the bar and asked for a drink, a intelligent women with sort of exsotic essence about her, poured a glass of red liquid then sets it in front of Tyya. Tyya takes a sip but the moment she does she spits it out with out thinking realizeing the red fluid was blood. The furried around the bar laughed at this out of place mortal girl, Tyya noticed a dark male in the corner laughing and for a moment thought it was the dark male who set her feel, but under closer inspecsion she realized this male who laughed at her was a cainie, not feline. This wolf looking male walked over to her and looked in to her eyes with a devilish grin and asked, " I'm Lord Kelian, and whats your name?". Tyya tryed her best not to show fear but she saw that he had fangs, she spoke in a slight shaken voice, "I am Tyya my lord." The male looked her over amuse by the fear he senced from her. Befor Tyya could think Lord Kel scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder, she tryed to struggle but his flesh and fur was like stone, she called for help to the people around her but they all seemed to just laugh at her the more she struggled. Lord kel to a bow to the other vampires and demons. Takeing Tyya to the celler of the club then tossing her to the bed Lord Kel laughed in amuse ment as he took out a raven Branding iron. Tyya shook her head and begged that he not enslave her agien, she had just had a small taste of freedom and now so quickly it is being taken from her. Kel pressed the brand agines Tyya arm leaveing the mark of the raven. Tyya's heart was in knots haveing so quickly lost the only thing that was given to her. Maybe being a slave is all she will ever be.
A slump of saddness was where Tyya remained, but what she did not realize at the time was that she was begiening to see the family of vampire that dewlled in the club of demons. She met one of her master, lord kel's Daughters. Her name was Wildfire Fairie, she was the only one there who also seemed to share Tyya saddess. There where others like one by the name of ReAnn who offent spoke of her father, Tyya woundered sometimes about the furried and how they where all related. Haveing no family in a long time she grew to love the vampires and she even tought a select few the old ways of nature, as Tyya's mother has tought her. Tyya begain to become head strong agien and feeling safe with all the vampires, they treated her as a friend or family member not a slave. One night late Kel ordered Tyya to his room. When she got there It was just him and her alone, candles flickered and Tyya was nervous almost scared of him haveing almost never been alone with ihm for that long. He came up behind her and sliped her dress like robe off her shoulderes. The dress fell of her compleatly, leaveing her body compleatly exsposed to his eyes. But Tyya did not love him, she cared for him but in a family way, she thought her heart was untame able. She begged Kel to set her free, and he seemed truely sadden, but he did grant her one wish and yet agien she way free, but now she was free and had a home.
Tyya was finaly free, useing her claws she scarred overed the slavery raven mark on her arm. She walked the halls of the vampire club that she now called home as a equal vowing to herself that she will never be enslaved agien. She was protective of her home and her friends that felt liek family to her and she could smell a hunter from a mile away. Tyya noticed a Dark male feline sitting across at the bar speaking loudly, she ordered a glass of red whine while listening. The male spoke deeply and of things that made her skin crawl, he spoke of burning down the Vampire haven and killing the pest vampires. Tyya growled she was not about to let someone harm the only family she has had sence her mother died. Befor Tyya could notice the Guards around the Male she flung a glass of wine at him. One of the solduted pulled out thier sword, but the male only laughed as if amused by Tyya's frisky spirit. Tyya thought for a moment as she looked at the dark powerful male, could he have been the male that set her free from the slave pen raiding party.. No it count'nt have been,..... could it? Tyya remained silent for a moment and just as she was about to speak her old master Lord Kel walked out from a near by shadow, and went up to this dark male feline. Tyya thought they would fight and bring the whole Club down, as they both had very large weapons and held much power. To Tyya's surprise they shook hands and Kel spoke to him, "It has been a long Time brother". Tyya was surprised but not shocked that these two males where related, but there was something about the Male feline that intreaged her. Reann came running from the garden, she had flowers in her hair and bright flowey outfits, for a vampire she looked slightly out of place. Reann called at when she was the dark feline male, "Daddy D! you have fond your way home to us!" Reann hugged her father and with one arm he hugged back stiffly. Tyya was confused but interested a new Vampire like cruture by the name of Ultima Hunter D just walked in to her life and seems to be part of the family she wants to be part of.
Tyya was a lovely girl she had many Males that wanted her as a pet and for her to run away with them, but Tyya never said yes. She felt her heart being drawn to anouther. One day as she was walking through the Streets of furn she herd a grown from inside a deserted house. she walked up slowly and almost lost her breath when she saw what had made the sound. It was D he was wounded badly, his right arm had been cut off and he was slowly bleeding to death. Tyya's heart sunk and she new some how she had to help him, she looked in to his stormy eyes and begged him to let her help him. D agreed but he did not know that Tyya's healing power rests within her own life force. D used all his power to start the spell that would grow bone but he could not finish it he had lost too much blood and power in the battle he had been in. Tyya used the power she once used in the forect healing the little woodland animals. Tyya was able to heal D's arm compleatly but it took all of her to not passout in to his arms right then.. Tyya had risked her life to save his, she realized at the from the first moment she saw him that she loved him,.. her soul yerned to be one with his..
Sitting alone Tyya thought to herself and what she should do about her feelings for D. She knew she was falling deeply in love with him, but everyone she ever truely loved died or turned on her. Tyya Knnew D did not want her love it would only ruwen his life. So Tyya became truely sad and almost heart broken knowing she should never tell D how she truly felt about him. No matter how hard she tryed to hide her feelings every time he walked in to a room her eyes where drawn to him as if magicly. D noticed how was she looked and that she was hideing something, he asked her what was wrong, she lied to him and told him she was fine and nothing wast the matter. D would not acept this answer, he took her gently and made her look in to his eyes, he placed his hands on her forhead and uses his power to invade her mind. Tyya tryed her best to hide the truth from him but she was only a mortor and no match for his power. D dicovered within her mind that she loved him. He did not know what to say or think, Tyya waited a moment at looked at his blank exspression, but the only thing he said was silence.
For many days D spoke little to Tyya as he seemed Deep in thought. Tyya and D started to spend lots of time togeather and he told her a secret from his soul. D told Tyya that he had loved her from the moment he saw her, but he never thought any one would love him in such a way that she did. The family of Vampires dicovered D and Tyya's love an much to Tyya's surprise most where happy about it. Tyya would smile and laugh when ever Wildfire who was a young sweet girl at this time, would whisper her questions like, "have you and D kissed?" and things that would make Tyya blush. But Tyya also noticed a few who where not as happy about the two lovers. ReAnn was worryed that Tyya would take her Father from her. Tyya desided she wanted to Give ReAnn a gift. Tyya wanted to Give ReAnn a mother. Tyya wanted so badly to be like her own mother and try and teach the ways of nature to ReAnn. Tyya tryed to do her best but in her own eye she could never be as good a mother as her own was.
Tyya was very happy during this time, she had a family, she was deeply in love and even had a daughter. D ment the world to her, spending long nights in his arms was he own little peace of hevan. One night D took Tyya up in to a tower, the stars where so bright they where like dimonds in the sky. D kisses her with passion and gentalness, he treated her not as a former slave, but of that of a goddess. Tyya and D moves togeather over to the bed and Tyya was nervous she knew she wanted him despretly but she wanted to please him mroe then any thing. Tyya removed her Clothing slowly letting his eyes move over her curvers. He took her in his arms and embrased her holding her naked body to him. D whispered in to Tyya's ear softly, "are you a vergin?". Tyya did not know what to say to this, she was a vergin, but she did not want to seem like a child to him, she was only 17 and she did not want him to stop, so she told him "no". D was very gental with her anyway, maybe he senced she was lieing, maybe he just really loved her. With a snap of D's fingers all his cloths vanished as if they where never really there. Tyya laughed finding this trick very amuseing. Tyya's lips melted in to his as his hands explord her body. he kissed her neck and did every thing amazeingly, he never hurt her once. D never fucked her He made sweet slow love to her, with every kiss and every thrust, behind it was passion, love every thing Tyya had always wanted. Their bodies where one Tyya felt more passion and exstisy in that one night then she had had her whole life. Tyya moaned as D grunted, takeing hard breaths and heaveing her chest Tyyas mind was dizzy. They made love to each other till thier bodys gave out, D collapped ontop of Tyya but he was still carfull not to crush her. Tyya felt so safe in his arms tears came to her eyes, finaly she was safe, after everything she had gone through in her life finaly she was truly home in his arms. For a moment she THrought back to that poor girl who got raped in the slave pens, and Tyya was frightens for a moment, so scared that someone would take her from the happy warm place,. take her from D's warm protective arms. D senced what was going on in her mind and whispered in to her ear softly while holding her tightly, "No one will ever hurt you agien,.. I promise". Tyya kissed him sweetly looking deep in to his eyes. D got a strainge look in his eye as he reached under the bed for something, It was a small velvate box, Tyya looked at it with wide eyes. D kneed down on one kbee not bothering to put on any cloths, Tyya wrapped the blanket around her and smiled brightly down at him knowing what he was about to ask. D opend the black box in side was a silver ring with green emeralds in it and he spoke to her kindly but with worry in his voice, "Tyya my love, Will you marry me?". Tyya nodded quickly and jumped in to his arms almost knocking him back, she said yes several times with tears in her eyes and a bright smile on her face as she kissed him, he himself had teary eyes as he held her too him and he slipped the ring around her finger. Tyya's heart felt as if it where gonig to jump from her chest her breath seemed all the sweeter, she had found her soulmate, her love, her greatest tresher. For the first time in Tyya's life some one truely wanted her, Tyya could never be happyer then right at that moment looking deeply in to his eyes knowing he was to be her husband.
Tyya was truely happy that she was to have a real family, finaly belonging some where. By D's side she the happyest she had ever been. Her soon to be daughter ReAnn brought home her husband, Tyya grew to Love Dave Wolf as her own flesh and blood son. By the time her wedding day came she was overwhelmed with happyness. She wore a Long white gown of silk, flowers rested peacefuly in her hair and she wore a neckless that her niece WildFire had given her. Lord Kel, her ex owner slash soon to be brother, walked her down the ile. ReAnn and Wildfire as her brides maids and Dave Wolf as D's best man, it was the most perfect moment. looking in to D's eyes as they said thier vows, it felt like Tyya's heart was going to run away from her and jump in to D's chest. As soon as it was said, "you may kiss the brise" Tyya and D locked lips kissing passionetly and kepted kissing a bit too long as people started to say things like " save some for the honey moon." Rest asured they did have a long honey moon and they where truely happy togeather for the longest time. People would think they where the perfect couple. They promissed each other forever........but......
Tyya and D both devoted every moment to each other while trying to take care of the family. Screte ran wild within the vampirc family that Tyya had no idea of. rummors of ReAnn being unfaithful filled the dark halls. Tyya never wanted to belevie these things she loved ReAnn as her own daughter. But in Time it was true, ReAnn had cheated on Dave with people she did not love or even care about. Tyya felt betrayed that Her own daughter could not have been truthful with her. D asked that Tyya for give her but she could not do it, she felt as if ReAnn had not cheated on dave but had cheated on Tyya. But she listened to D as she always did and did as she was told. though it did not help any thing. ReAnn and DAve's relasion ship had crumbled, and DAve had feelings for another as well thoguh it was kept hidden at the time. Secrets ran wild through the family, D and Tyya clung to each other for comefort, as they always did.
One late night Tyya was sitting alone while D was off fighting one of his battles. A dark shadowy Female crepted from the shadows, she had been watching Tyya for weeks now. Tyya jumped as she saw this women fearfuly Tyya called winds and what magic she could think of as a warning. The women only smiled her large fangs at Tyya as she moves closer. Befor Tyya could think the Vampriss pounced on top of her sinking her fangs in to tyya's soft neck. Tyya screamed, the pain filled her body just as the rabbit crys as the wolf sinks its teeth past its protective fur. Tyya felt as her blood was being drained, she new she was Dieing. Just as Tyya's heart beat started to slow, someone grabed hold of the vampirss and ripped her off Tyya's body. Tyya would have screamed as the fangs where ripped from her flesh but Tyya could bareing breath let alone make a sound. The vampriss left limping with gaurds chaseing after her. A large male leand down to pick Tyya up in his arms, It was her Love, her husband. D could not let his love Die like this and befor another moment passed closser to Tyya's death D slit his wrist. He fed her his powerful vampirc blood. The liqued fire drained down in to Tyya's almost lifeless body. shutting her eyes tightly she felt her strength return to her time ten. Within a few moments fangs grew from her mouth and her eyes had changed. The world was a new now, she was a vampire, she was now immortal.
D and Tyya where happy for a long time, smileing and makeing love, being with friends, and makeing new homes for them selves. But Tyya started to feel that D was changeing, hideing things from her. At the time she would not let her self beleive it nor did she want to. He was her world, he was every thing to her, he was her family. She wanted nothing but to be with him, maybe she wanted it a little too much. Tyya opened her own Club to give her children a home though most her family left, even Dave who had become her own son. D drifted away even more. D was always deep in though, thinking of armys and wars, but not of her. After all D was a general he ddi have things to consider. Tyya become worryed that he may have been dressing as one of his own solders to be with another women, she was almost certain of it. But she stil loved him and wanted nothing more then to be by his side. D never even touched her any more, she felt so alone, even when he was sitting right next to her, she would wounder if there was some thing wrong with her. D and her would fight in whispers and in secret, to any on looker they where stil lthe perfect couple. Tyya was so hurt and lost by D's hurt words he would speak to her. From once being at the value of a goddess in his eyes, she was now nothing more then a nagging wife to him. D spent less and less time at home, and would go off for Days at a time with no word to her what so ever. Tyya's friends and children slowly left as well one by one. D begian to disapear for weeks at a Time, then one day..... a letter came... D had Divorsed Tyya........
Tyya was now left alone in her darkest hour. She was heart broken and lost, no family no one to love her, she felt as if she was already dead. She tore down her CLub and rebuilt it, Wildfire came and stayed with her, Wildfire was all she had for the longest time. She will never have another mate or another hunsdand. She promised him forever she wanted nothing from him but his love, and he could not give it. She now will never trust in love agien... She gave her heart to someone who did not want it so she has paid the price.
Yes This is where I leave you with Tyya's Tale. As you would have learned through out this, Forever is not as long as you ever think it is, and It will change not always for the better and not always for the worse. I do not leave you with "The End" Simply with Good Night. Moments can change, Hearts will brake, and Time is never forever.
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