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took some quizzes 5:40 PM 1/13/03
took some quizzes. here's the results.

you're the thong. you're the spunky one out of all friends. you keep having fun till it kills you. you always except a challenge and never back down. you love taking risks and you hold nothing back.

which underwear are you?

new layout under way 10:02 PM 1/8/03
you read the title. it's under way.

totally disorganized 9:31 PM 1/6/03
i blame going back to school. yup. blame. blame. blame. i've got to add more stuff, i have more things to put on this site, i have geometry tonight for homework... i've had no time for anything. right when i got home from school, i went to sleep. i was up until 2 in the morning last night (watching old buffy re's). i almost fell asleep during science (which by the way, we just got back and ALREADY a big test is coming up). i'm used to being on break.. waking up @ 8 in the mornin' just to fool around on the comp... you know, update my site, visit new sites. then on friday nights, i'm at skate ranch. but not now. but hopefully i'll be back on track tomorrow. the reason i was so tired today was because of the fact that i had to once again wake up @ 6.. get back into the routine. and last night, i was still into the "okay... go to bed whenever you want" routine while on break. hey, keep prayin'. my next 2 week break will be in march, but don't get your hopes up too high because that's when softball starts back up again. anyways, it's now 9:36... i'm tired.. so i'mma go to bed early (that does NOT sound like me) and maybe tomorrow will be better. (yeah right, i'll prolly stay up til 2 again.. fall asleep, fail the test, flunk geometry... and fall down during gym class) but see ya anyways monkies! keep on monkeying!

eminem love & pictures to be scanned 7:17 PM 1/5/03
same day, but bored as hell. wishing my site was great. after i saw rachee's site i got discouraged. lolz. her site is so much better than mine. i think i need more color to mine. anyways.. eminem is so hott, he's 30... that sucks. i hate that fact. i saw 8 mile and he has a nice ass. lolz. anyways, i got more film for my cam., and i already took pics of me and my cat.. i'm gonna get some of my friends, and JOEY. lolz. gotta go. simpsons. lata lova!

visit it 2:18 PM 1/5/03
okay my best friend phred made a site but she won't update it!!! so visit brown paper magazine and she'll love you for it!

yes! 4:57 PM 1/4/03
i got 3 pics of a hot guy, i'll scan them and put them on the site lata. there are two reasons why they're not up now 1) the film will be developed at 6. 2) our scanner is getting fixed. sucks to be me, i know. but anyways, i got tons of new stuff for ya around the site. last night at skate ranch we had our disposable cam, so we took pics of our friends. and 1 pic of my sleeve. lolz. gotsa go. bye babers.

skate or skank ranch 12:11 PM 1/3/03
well it's finally friday. i'm thinkin bout goin to skate or skank ranch, as i like to call it. mainly cause all the hos go there, so that's why i call it that. i truly hope a certain hot guy is there (if you're brianna, steph, jamie, miranda, or cassie, you know who i'm talkin about). lolz. even tho it's cassie's boyfriend NOW, she still wouldn't care.. would you, cas? anyways. i'm havin fun doin nothin. i have to go back to school next week. yea. when my friend reminded me today was friday, i was like "for reals?" ok. i think i'm gonna do some shit around the site and then get back to you. laterz!

i'm hot and proud 4:00 PM 1/2/03
yes! i'm hot and i'm proud. i'm watchin spongebob and it's the one where he's "ugly" (or called "something smells"). anyways, this is the grand opening of little monkey. i'm obsessed with monkies. they're just fuckin funny. tonight i'm getting a sweatshirt with a hood and that pocket in front, and it has a monkey on it that says "football champions". it's from kohls. i'm bored. imma be a cheerleader next year! you're prolly like "for reals?" lolz anyways. bye.