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Mmm, eye candy...

I saw Lenny up close (close enough to touch his leg and get GREAT pics) on August 26, 2002 at the Shoreline in Mountain View, CA. Amazing. He's gained a lot of weight though...and I miss the locks, but hey, it's Lenny. He's the hottest mothafucka on the planet. Hands down.

I said it once... I'll say it again.
I want to die and come back as these jeans.

Lenny defines the word "STYLE" with ease.

I love this DVD-- it shows him on the road during the 2002 tour (the one I saw him on), the concerts, music, his daughter, his band, and the man himself...being real. And the book on the right is a great coffee table peice full of breathtaking photos (ahem...not to mention a nice frontal shot). These are both MUST HAVE'S for any collection. You don't even have to be a big fan. Just appreciate the art. :)

My two favorite entertainers...together - Madonna and Lenny (1998 MTV Music Video Awards)

"I wanna fly away..." -->

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