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Latin kings

LATIN KINGS L-LOVE A-ALL T-THOSE I-IN N-NATION K-KINGDOME I-INSPIERATION N-ATION G-GOVERN LATIN KING MOTTO Cowards die many times before their death, Latin Kings never taste death... but... once (AMOR DE REY) Once a brother is crowned he shall carry himself with respect no outsider can reach. His respect is his shield a sword to those who try to break his code of honer. Latin Kings are 360 degrees strong, 120 knowladge, 120 understanding, & 120 respect. The crown is worn on your heart and minde is a symbol of victory, honer, and knowladge. Once your crowned, you can never be uncrowned, a Latin King is forever. FIVE POINTS OF THE CROWN 1.RESPECT 2.HONESTY 3.UNITY 4.KNOWLADGE 5.LOVE RESPECT-For your brother, your crown, and nation. A kings respect shall always show the highest regards to his nation. HONESTY-Marked by truth, your word is your crown and your crown is your nation. A king shall always live by his word. UNITY-The conditon or being united tino a single whole. One for all and all for one, Our crown sybolizes our people (latino's)"AMOR DE REY". KNOWLAGE-The knowing of your lessons and prayers gained through the experience and study of our nation. LOVE-Is what you carry in your heart for your brothers, crown and nation. COLORS OF THE CROWN BLACK-The knowlade of the ancients and superiors of the past and present. RED-Symbolizes the color of the blood fo our lost brothers shed for the cause of the nation and crown. GOLD-Is the color of the sun that shines upon us and gives us light to our crown. FIVE STONES OF POSITION BLACK ONYX President, first grown, inca WHITE PEARL vice-president, second crown GREEN EMERALD violaters, warlord RED RUBY treasurer YELLO AMBER brother or soldier FIVE SMALL DIMONDS The five small dimonds on the crown represent your five senses wich are: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling. This is a break down of the five senses. SEEING-To identify your brothers and see the love and respect that is in our nation HEARING-To hear your brothers and see the love and listen to the message and purpose that are in the lessons. TASTING-To taste victory over opposing forces that come against the nation. TOUCHING-To touch your brothers and people with love and joy that is in our nation. SMELLING-To immediately detect any danger that tries to thrreaten the nation. The Puerto Rican flag is represented as if it were your crown, because your crown represents our nation and the Puerto Rican flag represents the majority of the Almighty Latin King Nation. WHAT THE COLORS OF THE FLAG STAND FOR: RED BLOOD WHITE PEACE BLUE LIBERTY AND OCEAN FIVE POINT STAR The five point star represents a colony of five islands in the caribbean which are: PUERTO RICO CUBA COMINICAN REPUPLIC HAITI JAMAICA RANKS SECOND CROWN-His job is to always be out there to check on his nation and to make sure that wverything is running right. Before his decition is made he must get it approved by the INCA and fell proud of his nation. The SECONED CROWN is the INCA'S right hand man. He must be trused at all times. WARLORD- His job is to make sure everything is in operation. His decitions must be respected by the brothers. He's the person i charge of security and plans the missions operations. He is the brain, the note of the nation. If a Warlord declares war he must first bring it to his second crown and then to his first crown for approval. OFFICER-An officer can be anyone, but most nations judge him to be the VIOLATOR. The violator cannot give orders unless it is something to do with giving a violation. He is the inspector of the nation. When violating a brother he must talk it out with the warlord first. If the warlord approves the violation than he is allowed to give it. THE LATIN KING PLEDGE We in the "Almighty Latin King Nation" must remember the humanity, glory and suffering of our ancestors and honor the struggle and sacrafices of the "Allmighty Latin King Nation". We must strive to bring new values and new life to our people. We must establish peace and harmony among us. We must love one another, share, and be createive. We must work, study and listen so we may learn, learn so we may teach. We must learn to do culteral, political, and economic work form those who know how, no matter who they may be. We must respect them as teachers, learning from them respectfuly and conscientiously. We must not pretend to know when we dont know. We must set an example sin sudy. At all times we must be pupils to the latin mass, as well as their teachers. Knowledge is a matter of science and no dishonesty or conceit whatsoever is permisable. What is reqired is definitely the reverse- honesty and modesty. We the "Almighty Latin King Nation"' must be ready at all times to stand up for the truth, Because truth is, and shall always be the highest of the "almighty Latin King Nation". We must be ready at all times to correct our mistakes, because mistakes are against the intrest of the "Allmighty Latin King Nation". For today: by harley schwartz for today ill be a king. for today ill live and strive to make my comunity safe for my loved ones. For today ill forgive all the people that did their wrong doings to me. for today ill allways be there for my nation no mater what (1 2)! our nation is my family my family is my nation. Dont test my set cuz forever i am a king! "AMOR DEY REY!" We are a nation of one we need to come to beleave that violance is not the way. just that someone insults us we get pissed So as a nation we try to protect our comunity not our Reputations. So keep it real niggas west side allmighty out, peace! come again


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