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The Resolution

At the climax of an adventure the acting can be the most cinematic.  Having the drama finally peak and be resolved can be very fulfilling for the players, and is one of the reasons the gamers play these kind of games.

Snog: "Die, Die... you gravy suckin' pig, Die!"

The thief finally pulls his dagger out of the back of the Gorlk the Lord of the Goblins.

Lorien: "Thank the gods, we rescued the Princess.  Let us take her back to the King."

Snog: "And get a big reward like you said, right?"

Lorien: "Ah... yeah, right."

And the foreshadowing of another plot and possible adventure begins.  Will there be a reward.  What kind of personality does the Princess have?  Maybe the King will have another adventure for the players.


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