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Ray James as Alf, Dave Byrne as Del-Boy & Bob Lucas as Billy

Celtic's natural position of course!

 Angelic Dave Courtney,  Honest Del Trotter & Big Todger Barely Connolly

all change!

Off for a spin, Australia I think!

Bags packed a ready to go.

hey look no hands

Faster than superman.


They know how to build them.

Gratuitous self promotion

Billy gets royal approval from some jug-eared f**ker

ME again!

Billy & Ozzy

Caught having a quick slash in jungle!

here's looking at you kid!

where's the lampost?

what a poser eh?!

The world is mine - well 
this little bit for an 
hour or so anyway...

banjo blues?!

 2 mins till stage time!




Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. Bob Lucas.