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Soldat Mods

Jagged Alliance 2 Soldat Mod(last updated 7/6/2003). Just what you think it is. This mod actually uses the exact weapon sound effects from the game.

Heckler & Koch Mod Just Heckler & Kock's weapons. It's just that simple but it is ausome! Check it out.

Soldat Future Beta 1.0
(Last time updated 5/18/2003)Brand new, fresh off the shelves, so new... it's not finished. All of the weapons have been finished along with some effects that go correct with the weapons, but nothing much else has been done. Sooo... enjoy the new futuristic weapons. =D

Half Life:Firearms is now... the soldat mod! This is a very good mod, but if you know how you can combine this mod with the other mod's I've made. Customization rocks! Just enjoy the mod while I enjoy making em' =D Just unzip to your soldat directory and have "extract to folder's on" This option is not available for everyone!

Finally theCounter Strike mod (Last time updated: 3/16/03) is finished. This mod is the best of every mod I have made so far. It replaces all of the weapons and many other thing to what is in the Half Life: Counter-Strike Mod. Even the explosions have been changed. I give much of the credit to the makers of the Half Life: Counter Strike. I got all of these ideas from them and I would like to thank them personally. Their site is Here.

Kaliber Mod
(Last time updated: 3/8/03)-A mod that changes many of the sounds and weapons in the game. A good choice if you want better sounds and better looking weapons. Due to the latest patch the interface has been taken off of the mod. Sorry for those who downloaded it already. All of the sounds, weapon changes, and the in game crosshair are still in the mod. To install the mod just unzip to your soldat directory.

Later on I(LordKaliber) changed soldat many times and I think some of the old weapons looked pretty good. You can download them separate from this list.(What they replace)

-M4A1 (Steyr Aug)

-Dark Aug with red optics (Steyr Aug)

-Famas with red optics (Steyr Aug)

-M-14 with red optics (AK-74)

-Sig-552 with red optics (Steyr Aug)

-Dragunov with blue optics (Barret)

-G36 with red optics (Steyr Aug)

>>>Warning.<<< It is advised that the soldat mod, Kaliber Mod, is installed. Then these weapon mod's. They will work without the mod, but the flair on the end of the gun may be positioned incorrectly on your screen when you fire. This is not tested.

(Last time updated- 3/14/03)-A Mod that replaces all the weapons with one's from WWII. This mod has been remade compleatly! Check it out!!!

C&C Sound Pack
-Chages some of the sounds in Soldat to those of Command&Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. Still in development, expect changes. -Created by Napalm Warrior

Sounds were borrowed from the mod Counter-Strike for the Kaliber Mod and the Counter-Strike Mod
The sounds for the Firearms Mod were borrowed from the Half-Life mod Firearms
Day of Defeat for the WWII mod

Webmaster-Napalm Warrior
Mod Creator and Sub Webmaster-LordKaliber

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