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The Iron Guard

Providing a Future for the Human Species and the White Race

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Welcome to the Iron Guard, the world's foremost organization for the furthering of the white race.  Our focus is to spread the truth of history and politics to those who are open-minded and willing to examine issues from all sides.  We ask that you examine our views and beliefs through an objective eye, and that you listen to all sides of the issues presented here before deciding on what viewpoint you will adopt.






~ September 9, 2002:  We've gotten a lot of applications, and the email is literally flooding in to us.  We're still working on the site, and we appreciate your interest in our organization.  As a result, please bear with us during these hectic times, and forgive us if we're slow responding to your messages. ~
August 12, 2002:  We're once again redoing the site's format.  Any comments on the layout would be greatly appreciated. ~
~ August 6, 2002:  More bands have been added to the Bands page; the Politics page's formatting is being redone; more pamphlets have been added to the Help the Cause section, and the Merchandise area is almost up and running. ~
~ July 23, 2002:  R.I.P. William Pierce.  Farewell to a great leader in our movement. ~
~ July 15, 2002:  As you can see, the site's format has been greatly revised.  The frame has been eliminated, and some of the graphics have been completely redone. ~
~ July 13, 2002:  Be aware of the heavy construction that's being done on the frame.  Everything should be finalized within a few days. ~
~  July 9, 2002:  I've updated the Bands page!  There are now over 800 bands listed, though there were only 500+ previously. ~
July 4, 2002:
  Happy July 4!  I've reestablished the Merchandise page, though nothing is available yet. ~
~ July 3, 2002:  I've set up the Network page, and have begun work on a number of state contacts.  Most of the links are still unavailable, so please be patient.  I'm putting a lot of work into this section, though, so please look at it. ~
~ July 1, 2002:  I'm still revising the site format.  We're also looking for help with web mastering, news, articles, pamphlet distribution, and more.  Please email us if you're interested, or use the Join form, available on the Help the Cause page. ~
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