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Lucifer, Seraph Archangel of Light

"The world is made up of light and dark both. Increase the light."


            Corporeally, Lucifer favors the appearance of a Caucasian man in his early thirties, with pale blond hair and brilliant blue eyes, sharp features and a ready smile. He tends to dress simply, in gray and brown, though occasionally he wears equally simple yet elegant jewelry - topaz, quartz, diamond, anything that refracts the light. Rarely, he takes a feminine Vessel - 'Lucy' - who appears as a twin to his male one, but paler and beautiful, like a glass figure, in white and gold. Celestially, he prefers to use Vessel-form, but his true form is a clear-crystal-scaled Seraph, perpetually throwing off rainbows, with nearly translucent radiant wings and six chips of sapphire for eyes.




            Angels of Light cannot promote darkness - either literally or metaphorically.  They would no more extinguish a light source than they would allow truth to be censored. Not interfering with natural cycles of light and darkness is fine, as is letting a temporary light source expire naturally – or flipping off a lamp, so long as another light source (a candle, sunlight, etc) is present.

It is also Dissonant for these angels to learn (let alone use) the Songs of Shadows or to assist in the hindrance of truth. It is important to note that Lucifer's Light is the light of Truth and truth - it's dissonant to censor, say, an editorial based on a person's belief, no matter how inaccurate that belief. The angel is encouraged to work to make the person understand that s/he's operating on misinformation/what the truth really is, but it's not essential. Keeping something secret in the first place is not dissonant, while attempting to eliminate it after the fact is; also, it is not dissonant to knowingly make a statement that will be misinterpreted, as long as one does not unduly influence the listener's belief. (Lucifer's Seraphim specialize in giving out minor truths without the whole Truth - innately gifted at revelation, Lucifer has them study distraction.)


Choir Attunements

(Luciferians, Lightbearers, Torchbearers, Guides, 'Idealists', 'the Enlightened')


            Lucifer's Servitors all radiate an aura of heavenly Light in Celestial form. (Even his Sworn have an aura, and those blessed souls and saints of Light, in heaven, appear to glow with an inner flame.) Any non-Celestial / soul must roll Will upon spotting an angel of Light in Celestial form to avoid becoming dazed, dazzled, or hypnotized for a number of minutes equal to the Luciferian's Celestial Forces. (This is cumulative with the standard Kyriotate disorientation for humans.)

Demons must roll (Will + demon's Celestial Forces); on a failure, they take one Soul Hit of damage, and will continue to take one Soul Hit every hour the angel's Celestial form is within their sight (unless the demon has Celestial Sunglasses.) For those of either group who look upon Lucifer himself in celestial form, the roll is at -6... and the light blinds until the being next receives a point of Essence. And if the observer is a demon, he takes (1d6) hits each hour, rather than only one.


            Angels of Light cannot have Vulnerability (Light), but Vulnerability (Darkness) and Aura are most commonly seen among those who actually have Discord.


Seraphim (Partially Restricted)

Seraphim of Light may utilize hyperbole, half-truths, metaphor, slang, and imprecisions without dissonance. Also, as long as one of these Most Holy knows the Truth, they may make a Will roll to convince someone else of it...and, in the process, make the target(s) hear the Symphony.

In game mechanics, the Seraph must make a resonance roll at a check digit of 6 before using this. Or, they may make a CD: 5 roll, and convince the target that she/he/it does or does not know the Truth. Following that, they may make a Will roll to convince a number of people equal to the Seraph's Ethereal Forces of the Truth. Targets may make a Will roll to resist, penalized by the check digit of the Seraph's successful Will roll. The target must be able to hear the Seraph.

A Seraph may use this as a 'weapon' as well. By making a Will roll, they may force any Celestial not already attuned wholly to the Symphony (Outcasts, Renegades, demon Orphans, or demons) to hear it for a number of minutes equal to the check digit of a successful roll plus the target's Celestial Forces.

Some demons have spontaneously Redeemed after experiencing this, and it's known that a Redemption following this Attunement is generally 'safer'. Demons must make Will rolls, penalized by their Celestial Forces, to resist having the sound 'echo' back and shatter their Heart.

(Note: Other angels may attempt to force a Celestial to hear the Symphony, but the duration is only the check digit, and they cannot try to persuade someone else of the Truth of something.)



This Attunement, combined with their rather Mercurian-like habits, makes Seraphim of most other Words extremely uncomfortable around these Seraphim. Lucifer's Most Holy don't really care, though; they'd rather spend time with humans anyway, and see their Choirmates as "pokerspined and too proud for their own good."

Typically, an Attunement like this would cause Asmodeus to keep a closer eye on the angels possessing it than normal, and on their Superior - if the Superior was of the appropriate Choir, even more so. However, there are two reasons that Seraphim of Light and Lucifer aren't given that particular attention.

Firstly, Lucifer is the oldest Archangel left to Heaven (short of Kronos), was one of the first to be given a Word by God Himself, and was made Speaker of the Seraphim Council by the same Divine mandate. Asmodeus is inclined to trust him rather more than, say, Andrealphus with his Discord.

Secondly...the number of Seraphim of Light who have Fallen can be counted on one hand with fingers left over, one of whom wound up Redeeming again (to Laughter; she's currently working directly for the Angel of Joy), and two of whom (Fallen to Prophetic Fire and Fate) are soul-dead. Rumors as to why this is true abound, but it's generally believed that their unique link to the Symphony helps.



            Many of Lucifer's Seraphim also take his Elohite Attunement, the better to find what Truth their targets should hear.


Cherubim (Restricted)

Lucifer's Cherubim can, for 1 Essence, create a mystic line-of-sight to an object of their Resonance. The link ignores distance and visual obstructions between the angel and the target's location, but visual conditions at the target's location still apply. Anything viewed through this link is treated as if it is only 10 feet away for the purpose of using Songs and Attunements, but the angel is unable to see anything at her current location. The link may only be used to affect the person or object to which the Cherub is attuned - no playing a Song of Shattering on the demon who's attacking your buddy!



As long as there is a recognizable natural heavenly body visible, Lucifer's Wheels cannot get lost. (It must be visible with the unaided eye, or the Songs of Sight, though Lucifer's Cherub Attunement works as well.) The sun, the moon, and Venus are the most effective for this. The angel can determine the cardinal directions as though he had a built-in compass, and can estimate his general distance from well-known landmarks.

On the Ethereal and Celestial planes, Beleth's tower, any other Cathedral aligned with Heaven, Gabriel's volcano, and Blandine's tower all qualify as heavenly bodies.

Many, many Ofanim of Light take Lucifer's Grigori Attunement as well.



Lucifer's Powers can see into another's heart, and the half-truths and outright lies therein. With a successful Perception roll, they can sense a self-deception the target is currently practicing, the severity of which is indicated by the check digit. (i.e., CD:1 = "I only skipped one class, it doesn't matter"; CD:3 = "I'm not drunk yet", CD:6 = "I can't have just committed murder"; or similar ideas.) This will also automatically detect Balseraphs on a success at a check digit of 6!

(Note: If the target does not have any self-deceptions at the check digit level, GMs should both say so and offer at least one at a level below. Also, yes, the Balseraphic resonance as practiced on others will show up.)


Sworn Malakim

Those Sworn to Light are surrounded by hazy nimbi of light rather than their Choir-mates' clouds of shadows. They can translate this haze to any form with a successful (Will + Celestial Forces) roll, making it difficult to identify them for up to their total Forces in hours - or making them impossible to see for up to their Celestial Forces in hours.

The cloud has the added effect of masking sound to a degree. (In game mechanics, penalize other people's Perception rolls to hear or see the angel by the angel's Celestial Forces, unless the invisibility aspect is used, in which case Perception rolls to see the angel are automatically failed (barring Intervention).) With a successful Will roll, they can extend the haze (either effect) in a sphere, with a radius of a maximum of (angel's Celestial Forces) in yards.

Sworn Malakim with Lucifer's Kyriotate Attunement can choose to have their light-Vessel be this haze, with the 'difficult' effect automatically on as long as the light-Vessel exists, but must still roll to key the 'impossible' effect.



These Kyriotates may create Vessels made of light (luminescent clouds, motes of light, St. Elmo's Fire, burning bushes, etc.) Light Vessels cost one point of Essence for each hour they remain in existence, and can have no Charisma. These are immune to physical damage (but not to Songs or damaging Attunements/resonances) and may also pass through any transparent barrier (glass, ice, water, non-opaque plastic, etc.)



            Mercurians of Lucifer can play with the ambient light, to a degree. In the morning (if you wish to be technical, from dawn Essence to dusk Essence) they receive two free points of Charisma (usually manifesting as Charming, Vivacious, Friendly, etc). They also get a +2 to all Fast-Talk and Emote rolls for the duration (though not Lying; it's widely assumed this is purely due to the fact that their Archangel is a Seraph, even if he does, ah...Bend the Truth around the edges a bit, when he feels it's necessary.)

            With a Will roll, the Mercurian may extend this bonus to another for the check digit in hours (or until dusk Essence, whichever comes first.)



             Lucifer's Watchers are immune to anything that would blind them or obscure their sight. This includes darkness, smoke, fog, sand, and sight-based illusions like the Ethereal Song of Light. In the case of the Malakite of Light Attunement, no penalties exist for the 'difficult' aspect, and just penalize Perception by the Malakite's Celestial Forces for the 'impossible' aspect.


Lilim (Partially Restricted)

            These angels may use all Songs of Light for one Essence cost, but the effects (save disturbance) are as though three Essence had been spent (unless the angel wishes to make it less.) Also, with eye contact, Gifters of Light can identify how to inspire hope in another person. If this fulfils a Need (and grants the Lilim a Geas), add one to the level for purposes of resistance.

The Aura Discord holds no danger for these Lilim. If they possess it, they will not be identified as Lilim, and they do not need to add it to their dissonance rolls - instead, they must add their levels of Bound if they have it, since that Discord interacts painfully with the Freedom in their Forces.

            Other Choirs may inspire hope and take the altered Song cost, but they cannot affect Geases and do not change their reaction to Aura or Bound.


Servitor Attunements



A simple touch from the angel (either bare-handed or with an implement) permanently cures blindness, regardless of the cause. The subject of this Attunement can resist with a Will roll, though it's hard to imagine why anyone would.

Note that any target affected by this is permanently incapable of having the Damaged Sense (Sight) and Celestial Blindness Discords/Disadvantages.



With a touch and 3 Essence, the angel can allow another being to see what he sees. This applies both to literal sight and to 'seeing' in the sense of understanding; however, understanding' should not necessarily be the equivalent of, 'agreement'. The target can understand why and how the angel feels what he does, but may still find room to disagree with his point of view. The sight lasts for a number of minutes equal to the recipient’s Ethereal Forces. Understanding, once granted, lasts indefinitely, or until the target can put the strange experience out of his mind. (Rare is the demon who can be persuaded to Redeem solely through use of this Attunement, though many have been tempted. It's rumored that the Attunement, used by an angel on a demon, enables the demon to hear the True Symphony for its duration, like Lucifer's Seraph Attunement... but with corresponding effects on the demon's resonance...)


The Last Spark

This was one of Gabriel's archaic Attunements as the Archangel of Fire. After the Fall, Lucifer designed this Attunement to mirror its effects – some say as a memorial to his Fallen friend.

As per canon Gabriel's Attunement of the same name (Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy pg 41)


Light Sculpture

This potent Attunement causes the illusions made by the Ethereal Song of Light to become solid. Light Sculptures act just like the Corporeal objects that they resemble – a bridge could be walked on, a chair could be sat in, a sword could do damage, etc. Size and duration limits are normal for the Song. Note that Light Sculptures can make no sounds and have no scent or taste; the Attunement only makes them tangible. Illusions also lack the special powers of the things that they represent – for example, an illusory dragon could not breathe fire (its teeth still work, though). Special effects can be created by appropriate Songs and Attunements, however...

Many, many Lilim of Light have this Attunement.


Like Moths to a Flame

            One of Lucifer's most dangerous Attunements, this turns the user into a beacon for the Symphonically Aware. Anyone so aware within a radius of the user's total Forces in miles will have a subtle urge to go to the user, getting stronger as the user gets closer (affected people can make Will rolls to resist the urge, but at -1 for every mile 'in' they get from the edge of the effect.) The angel triggers this effect by spending two Essence (the disturbance of which is 'broadcast' throughout the area, loudly enough that anyone in range capable of hearing it just barely does so, which then sets off the 'come to me' effect.) With a successful Will roll, the angel can limit it to a certain type of being – Divinely aligned, Infernally aligned, 'neutrals', or Ethereally aligned – but failing the Will roll means that the effects remain in play until the angel makes another Will roll. If the limiter roll succeeds or isn't attempted at all, the angel can cancel the effects of this Attunement with a thought.

            Oddly, very few angels of Light have this Attunement; Lucifer usually hands it out to other angels, commonly Baalites and Kobalites who have entered his service briefly or earned a reward from him. This can have interesting results...


A Thousand Points of Light

            The aura of Lightbearers with this Attunement changes subtly, to a gentler light that suffuses any form they take. These angels radiate a sense of quiet peace, faith, and hope that affects anyone who can see them, for as long as the angel is in sight (and a number of hours afterwards equal to twice the angel's Will.) Anyone so effected gains a bonus of the Luciferian's Celestial Forces to resist any demonic resonance or similar ability, adds the same to all Perception rolls (this isn't cumulative), and doubles the Essence regained from any rites they perform, for the duration of the effect.

            This is perhaps the most popular of Lucifer's Servitor Attunements, especially among Lilim, Grigori, and Mercurians. Angels with Thousand Points have it automatically keyed instead of the standard Light aura, though they can change effects at will.




Vassal of Light

The angel is able to see the light or darkness within souls. With a successful Perception roll, the target’s aura is revealed to the angel. If the subject has the Aura Discord, the Discord level is added to the target number. Treat the subject as being under a Corporeal Song of Nimbus except that the angel won’t suffer the negative effects of seeing an opposing halo.


Friend of Radiance

As per canon Yves' 'Divine Logic' Servitor Attunement (In Nomine: Core Rules pg 134-135), but the resistance roll is penalized by the angel's Celestial Forces. Also, if the angel did not have Enlightenment or Clarity, he gains them at this point, as well as the ability to perform either by merely making eye contact (though the cost for Enlightenment remains the same.)


Master of Illumination

            A single word (and a point of Essence) from the angel tears illusions asunder. All illusions (Ethereal Form, Ethereal Light, the effects of hallucinogenics, the Balseraph resonance, etc) within (angel's total Forces * 3) yards are disrupted by a burst of heavenly light (only visible with a successful Perception roll), if the angel succeeds at a Will roll. Any demons of Illusion in the area take the check digit in Soul Hits, and if the angel takes Celestial form, the Illusionist's roll to resist damage from the aura of Light is penalized by the check digit of the angel's original Will roll. (Lucifer really, really doesn't like Blandine.)





Officially, Lucifer is Neutral to everybody - as political head of Heaven and Speaker of the Seraphim Council, he can't afford to be officially biased. In practice, however, he is the head of Heaven's 'Peace' faction, and his angels tend to be more willing to aid some than others...



            Andrealphus, Beleth, Kobal, Kronos (Baal, Beleth, Kobal, Nybbas, Vapula are Allied to Lucifer)


            Asmodeus, Baal, Gebbeleth, Lilith, Nybbas, Vapula (Everyone else is Associated with Lucifer, except...)


            Mariel, Meserach, Valefor (Meserach is Neutral to Lucifer)


            Nobody (Nobody is Hostile to Lucifer)


Role in the War


Lucifer is the oldest Archangel left to Heaven save only Kronos. He has been Speaker of the Seraphim Council since its inception, long before the Fall. He fought his older brother Michael and banished him and the other rebels from Heaven ... and he's tired of fighting.

            Lucifer is the President to Baal's Commander-in-Chief, the diplomat to his general. He is the unofficial head of Heaven's peace faction, and the de facto leader of Heaven in all non-War matters. He's turned down every offer Baal's made to give him any kind of say (above his default as an Archangel) in how the War is run ... because he doesn't want war. He doesn’t trust himself when other people's lives are at stake. But he also doesn't trust Baal's professions of anti-war sentiments to be enough to handle Heaven's political and diplomatic needs... so he stays in his job, trying to keep their delicate balancing act from falling apart entirely. In recent years, Nybbas has taken on much of the 'balancing' duty, which Lucifer is grateful for.

            Before the Fall, Light and Fire were extremely close – in fact, it's known they were lovers briefly, and Aurora, Seraph Seneschal of the Sun Tether to Light, is one of the two offspring they created. After Gabriel Jumped, Lucifer claimed Fire's former duty of inspiration, as well as certain of Knowledge's duties like teaching. Lucifer also has a strong interest in the Marches (he's among the three Archangels Beleth has given nearly carte blanche to in the Vale, the others being her ally Baal and her son Gebbeleth), particularly in dealing with Blandine. The Archangel of Light abandons his pacifistic tendencies entirely when faced with the Prince of Illusion, and many of his Corporeal plans involve countering Blandine.

            Alone among the Seraph Archangels, Lucifer prefers Earth to Heaven. He nearly always has at least one Corporeal manifestation (especially in modern times, when he is needed less and less outside of full Council meetings, and sometimes with a Role he's maintaining), and his Servitors often Summon him, only to see him wander up with no Disturbance, as though he was there all along. 'Lucy' shows up fairly often, though she was more common in the past (and almost exclusively appeared up to the point where the demons were freed from Hell), and 'Luke' is certainly more common now. Lucifer actually has the fewest Servitors of any Archangel save Lilith, though still quite a few – the difference is barely noticible. However, his human servants (Soldiers, Saints, and others) number almost as many as those of Freedom, and more white sorcerers serve Light than any Archangel save Lilith.




·    Spend two hours basking in the natural light of the Sun or the full Moon, or three hours watching the stars (time is halved if the angel can spot Venus, the Morning Star)

·    Keep a light glowing in an otherwise dark place for twelve hours or until another light appears (minimum 2 hours.)

·    Teach something new to someone who resists learning.

·    Inspire a human to regain hope. (Yes, Last Spark qualifies, but no Essence is regained if the human loses hope again after the effects have passed!)

·    Persuade someone working for Hell to join Heaven. (+2 Essence, +3 if the target is a demon who successfully Redeems!)



Chance of Invocation: 0


Lucifer is very busy, though a sufficiently urgent need may get his attention.




+1: A candle.

+2: At sunrise, noon, or sunset (while in direct view of the sun), or while looking at a rainbow.

+3: A (stained) glass or crystal design, in the presence of a light source. (+4 if it's a large stained glass window in a church or

      castle, such as the Rose Window in Notre Dame (in Paris), or the Hall of Mirrors in the Chateau Versailles.)


+5: While watching the Aurora Borealis or a similar rare celestial manifestation, like Hailey's Comet or a total solar/lunar

      eclipse, in person.

+6: A thousand points of light. (No, not the Attunement.)