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Obese Babies and Half Naked College Girls

Our Obsessions include:

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The greatest singer in the world; our idol--Oh Wesley, we're sorry you got fat too
Michael, how did you turn white?
The Truth about Father Privett
Black People Love Everybody
What Real Men Where to Bed

As college students we have realized the importance of a good education. However, because one of our members is mixed we have had to help her along the way by adding colorful pictures of obese babies and half naked college girls. This page is dedicated to all those who are unable to read and instead are forced to look at pictures. Pictures are wonderful because they appeal to the eye. Take for example the fat baby--she sure looks hungry doesn't she?--that cupcake looks damn good from where we're sitting. And the half naked college girl-none of us our lesbians, but we have to admit her body is on point. Not knowing how to read has its advantages--people with this disibility get to look at pictures all day long. Is it possible to unlearn how to read? We hope so. Like finding a cure to the AIDS virus it is our mission to find a way to unlearn how to read. We hope you enjoy this site. Check out the links. Wesley Willis is a 300 pound schizophrenic from Chicago. He sings to keep the voices in his head quiet. One of his best songs is "Cut the Mullet"-We suggest you download that immediately. All fathers should be like Michael Jackson. Over lunch one afternoon we were all discussing how we wished our dad's dangled us from a four story window with a sheet over our heads. Father Privett is the director of Jesuits Gone Wild starring all of us--shh, don't tell keep it on the low--and Black People, well, what can we say? They sure know how to get DOWN...holla. Also we love Native Americans, check out these pictures of them in their natural habitat: Thank You and be sure to tell your friends...