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Legal Information

Here is where you will find all the legal information for my site including disclaimers.

Any content on this site that isn't mine is copyright of their respective owners and credit given where possible. Links are supplied to all sites and companies who have content on this site or own content on this site. Anything else is property of the site owner (me!) and may NOT be used without permission unless stated or seeking the permission of the owner (although that stuff you are free to use).


When supplying correspondance via E-mail, please use the following guidlines;

A) The subject must contain "WEBSITE" at the start of the E-mail. If not, it will be deleted without me looking at it.

B) It must not be abusive or be unhelpful in pointing towards a problem. Abusive E-mails WILL BE BLOCKED! Unclear or unhelpful E-mails will be replied to, pointing out why and asking to reply with it being more clear or more constructive.

C) I only speak English (my German is too poor to interpret "proper" German) so please E-mail me in this language!

Furthermore, I can take no responsibility in damage caused by anything in my site and I shall not be held responsible. In addition, this site may go down at times due for various reasons, such as server failiure, angelfire server maintinence, getting kicked out o f angelfire, military action, war, epidemics, armageddon, me failing to update the site or other actions beyond or within my control (although I will attempt to keep this site going as often as I can) so I offer NO guarantee of service and all service is subject to mine and angelfire's discretion. If you have any complaints on this site, E-mail me and I will sort it out.

Enjoy yourselves,