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dark_wulf's corner of the net

This page is (and has been for that matter) under construction and will be for a considerable amount of time as I gather materials and content. Please leave your comments and ideas through E-mail and read the legal section for details on how.

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N.B: I've recently got into the tabletop game Necromunda recently. Already, I'm starting to amass a good collection of Necromunda models (a few metal Orlocks, some a Last Chancer and a lot of converted Catatchans!) as well as a converted Orlock with Heavy Bolter who now holds an Autocannon!

Autocannon pic is now in the Necromunda section.


Well, I now have a helpful insight into HTML. I hope learn enough to begin with to get a frame based environment and a decent menu bar (unlike the crap up the top). I might also be able to get more images on here as well. Until then, check out the clan lists page that I am updating.

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