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The Suburban White Chicks Present...

This is a story, a story of four american girls who do not completely know everything about themselves. It is a story of love, of magic, of the destruction of all evil, but above all it is a story of SILLINESS!!!

Kings’ Cross-Station was crowded that early September morning; crowded with strange sights. Hundreds of young Brits were pushing towards the same unknown location, dragging an odd assortment of luggage on their carts. Owls squawked at their owners as they were savagely shoved down the walkway. Oddly dressed parents kissed their children one last time before they disappeared, seemingly though a solid brick wall. Perhaps the oddest sight, however, was the four teenage girls walking arm-in-arm, laughing hysterically, and speaking in their apparent American accents.

These girls were the new foreign exchange students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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