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Welcome, fellow fast food slave...

Do you find that you are sometimes bored and at other times stressed? Do you find large portions of your life to be
totally meaningless? Are you occasionally depressed and always less than satisfied? Do you work in the fast food

Burger King workers- enough is enough Who the fuck is Ediie Rocket? McDonald's Workers fight back

Where do you work? Dominoes? Pizza Hut? Burger King? KFC? Perhaps the Subway Sandwich Bar, Wendy’s,
Wimpy, or some other take away shit hole?

Fast food and shit jobs. Everywhere you look our industry is dominated by low pay and abysmal conditions. People
will say ‘if you don’t like it quit’, but all around us, every so called employment ‘opportunity’ is a degrading waste
of your life. Serving burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, it doesn’t matter- it’s all boring, it’s all badly paid, it’s miserable.
And the worst bit? In every instance you know that someone somewhere, someone who has never mopped the floor,
tossed the salad, picked up the litter, served the punters or cleaned the toilets, that someone is getting disgustingly
rich out of YOUR work.

So, tomorrow are you going to go in for more of the same fast-food fiasco? Serve more food, kiss more ass, hang
your head and just get on with it because you need to pay the bills? When they tell you what to do and how to do it
will you rage inside but look at your feet and meekly comply? There will still be no over time rate, no benefits, no
job satisfaction and no dignity. Will you put up with it? Will you keep serving? Keep smiling? Keep cleaning and
keep cooking? Will you fuck! From this minute you’re going to put your freedom above their profits! Sure you’ll
still have to cook the pizzas, or burgers or whatever, sure you’ll still have to clean and sure some bastard will still get
rich from your hard work. But from this minute you’ll be free inside... tomorrow you’re going to skive as much as
you can, steal as much as you can... You’re going to fight back!

Trust us, it feels good! Our particular prison was the infamous McDonalds, we put up with shit for years and then
we started McDonalds Workers Resistance. We want to work with you against the whole fast food industry. They
are only rich because we are on our knees... let us rise! Join the global rebellion! Destroy fast food! fight for our

We are happy to support web pages designed by other fast food workers who want to fight back. For example, we were contacted by some people who had been working for the Subway Sandwich Bar

Subway workers this way!

And also by some Burger King boys:

you want it your way, at BK, just fight back

We have never been contacted by anyone from Wetzel's Pretzels

Why Not??

We are the notorious, loved and loathed, McDonalds Workers' Resistance

Other stuff:

One person's reason for backing MWR- Tears of rage, fuckin literature and everything!