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Wisdom for the Ages.....
In honor of Valentine's Day I will be providing a special bonus German lesson combating the twin evils of Loneliness and Devil Worship (aka speaking french). The regularly scheduled lesson can be found here.

Today's Lesson:

Ein Leben ohne Liebe ist wie ein Mathematikbuch ohne Zahlen. Es ist hoch interesant für andere Leute, aber dem Besitzer total nutzlos.

Life without love is like a math book without numbers. It is quite interesting to other people, but completely useless to the owner.

For once that isn't all for today. Click the link up above. And remember, when the loneliness and heartache of day to day life get you down, don't give up and throw yourself out an 8th floor window. Find some happy-as-a-clam, no good shit who doesn't deserve the air he breathes, let alone a speck of happiness and part him from his happiness (or this world). Trust me, you'll feel better... at least in the short run.