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Wisdom for the Ages.....
In a continued effort to battle the twin evils of Sugar Coating Things and Devil Worship (aka speaking french), I have decided to provide a daily (i.e. when I get around to it) German lesson. Having bored with the normal format, I have decided to turn this batch into a game. I will define a word in German, translate the definition, and award points based on a as of yet undecided upon, fairly arbitrary point system. Only the exact word will count for points and bonuses will probably be given for answering in German and for being the first one to answer. Send responces to If Harvey Mudd, BYU, or the average private Catholic school would concider it cheating, it is not allowed here either. You are on the honor system.


Today's Question:

Ein Mensch, der redet, wenn du wünscht, daß er zuhört.

A person who talks when you wish him to listen.

That's all for today. And remember, if you win your reward may be Ca$h, a German Lesson personalized to you, or more likely a hearty congratulations.