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Wisdom for the Ages.....
In a continued effort to battle the twin evils of Unwanted Attention and Devil Worship (aka speaking french), I have decided to provide a daily (i.e. when I get around to it) German lesson.

Today's Lesson:

Ich spreche nicht mit Idioten, Schwachsinnige, Hippies, Schurken, Dummköpfe, Arschlöcher, Schweinehunde und den Leuten, deren Eltern auch Geschwister sind. Entscheiden Sie sich, welche Sie sind und lassen Sie mich in ruhe.

I don't talk to Idiots, morons, hippies, thugs, goons, assholes, filthy pigs and people whose parents are also siblings. Decide which you are and leave me alone.

That's all for today. And remember, just because certain laws and social repercussions prevent me from killing some people on the spot, doesn't mean that I am not very strongly tempted.