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Wisdom for the Ages.....
In a continued effort to battle the twin evils of Life's Many Abuses and Devil Worship (aka speaking french), I have decided to provide a daily (i.e. when I get around to it) German lesson.

Today's Lesson:

Sie nahmen meine ganze Vergangenheit weg. Sie nahmen meine ganze Zukunft weg. Was sonst sollen sie wegnehmen? Werden Sie meine Hoden wegnehmen und Ohrringe daraus machen?

"They took away my entire past. They took away my entire future. What else are they going to take away? They going to take away my testicles and make earrings out of them?"

-Robert Blake



That's all for today. And remember, just because life is a rediculously horrid thing, doesn't mean you should challenge it to get worse.