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Wisdom for the Ages.....
Having tired of combating evil alone, I scoured the internet for great battles by others against the twin evils of Animal Molestation (again) and Devil Worship (aka speaking french). I will still provide a daily (i.e. when I get around to it) German lesson, it just won't be a Lord of Smite original.

Today's Lesson:

Hörten Sie über den Franzosen, der seinen Zulassungsschein verlor, um Medizin zu üben? Er wurde beim Sex mit einigen seiner Patienten erwischt. Es ist eine Schande, weil er weitaus der beste Tierarzt in der Stadt war.

Did you hear about the Frenchman who lost his licence to practice medicin? He was caught having sex with some of his patients. It's a shame, he was by far the best vet in town.

That's all for today. And remember, even if a million frenchmen do it, it still doesn't make it right.