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Wisdom for the Ages.....
In honor of German-American week (which is actually sometime in October and only a day) I will be doing a special series in which I provide a brief look at German culture while fighting the twin evils of Letting Blind Optimism Endanger Your Health and Devil Worship (aka speaking french). Today's lesson will be an excerpt from the song ...Und Es Regnet by Die Ärzte.

Today's Lesson:

Jetzt fängt es auch noch an zu schneien
In ein paar Stunde ist es Nacht
Doch wenn du kommst willst du dich freuen
Ich hab' dir Rosen mitgebracht


Now it is also starting to snow
In a couple hours it will be night
But when you come you will be happy
I brought you roses with me.


That's all for today. And remember, Hopeless optimism is harmless... as long as you are waiting inside where it is warm and dry.