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Wisdom for the Ages.....
In honor of German-American week (which is actually sometime in October and only a day) I will be doing a special series in which I provide a brief look at German culture while fighting the twin evils of Being to Materialistic and Devil Worship (aka speaking french). Today's lesson will be an excerpt from the song Saufen, Fressen und Ficken by Die Shcröders.

Today's Lesson:

Es gibt schon so viel, und es wird immer mehr,
Und wir koennen alles kaufen,
Aber am besten ist immer noch:
Saufen, saufen, saufen.

Saufen, saufen, saufen, saufen,
Saufen, fressen und ficken.
Saufen, saufen, saufen und die Kinder Bier holen schicken..


There is already so much, and there is always more and more
And we can by it all
But the best of all is still:
Boozing, boozing, boozing

Boozing, boozing, boozing, boozing
Boozing, gorging oneself, and fucking
Boozing, boozing, boozing, and send the kids to fetch beer


That's all for today. And remember, while material possessions may make life a little easier and a little nicer, they are no substitute for life's basic pleasures.