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Wisdom for the Ages.....
In honor of German-American week (which is actually sometime in October and only a day) I will be doing a special series in which I provide a brief look at German culture while fighting the twin evils of Discrimination and Devil Worship (aka speaking french). Today's lesson will be an excerpt from the song Ein Sommer Nur Fuer Mich by Die Ärzte.

Today's Lesson:

Scheint die Sonne auch für Nazis?
Dann kämmen mir die Tränen
Dürfen Faschos auch verreisen?
Das wäre ungerecht
Koennen Rassisten etwa auch den blauen Himmel sehen?


Does the sun also shine for Nazis?
Then I would cry
Can fascist also go on vacation?
That wouldn't be fair
Can racist somehow also see the blue sky?


That's all for today. And remember, the word Franzosen (frenchmen) could easily be inserted for Nazis or Faschos without really changing the song.