"Into each generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires,to stop the spread of evil..."

Or so it was until the Slayer, Buffy Summers, died and then was revived. Suddenly, there were two at once and the fight seemed to be more even. When the second died, another rose to take her place. And then, Buffy died again. As it has been since the beginning, another girl rose to take her place. But then, once again, Buffy was brought back...

Now there are three.

Morgan Tyler did not ask for the Slayer's mantle. But, then again, she did not ask for the other nasty little things life had dealt her either. Like watching her father being attacked and torn to pieces by a werewolf. Nor did she ask to be bitten by the same animal. Now, in the city of Chicago, she not only fights the creatures of the night but also searches for the man who shattered her life years ago.

She, however, does not walk completely alone in Chicago. Her watcher, Philip, is with her and acts as her surrogate father. A former Initiative soldier also lives there. Descended from a long line of demon killers himself, he has a special insight into what it is like for the Slayer in her world. And then there is the Keeper. Belonging to a mystical group of beings who maintained the balance between Good and Evil, he has found his way to Chicago in order to keep the scales from tipping completely to one side.

Soon, they will all find themselves in a struggle for their lives.

A new evil walks the streets of Chicago in the form of two very powerful vampires unlike anything any of them have ever seen. Not only are they older than most other vampires, but they have become adept in the dark arts and have harnessed it's power. With an ancient vendetta against the Slayer and personal conflict with the Keeper, they will allow nothing to stand in their way.

And all hell is about to break loose.

Think you have what it takes to fight along side the Slayer and her friends? Then come join us!

This is a Freeform RPG. This means that while there is an overall plot, or "episode", for the game as a whole, it is up to you, the player, to interact within the game. We operate this game with an A/B Format. That is, the A plot is the main plot, or plot that effects the game as a whole. The B plot is the plot you've set up for your personal character. For example, Destiny and Gideon have cast a spell that has erased the memories of our intrepid good guys (plot A) but there is something that is tugging at the back of Morgan's mind, something about the significance of the upcoming full moon and she has no clue what that is (plot B). You may have your character do whatever you want, provided you follow some basic rules.

And yes, I said rules...

Rules and Regulations are a necessary evil of any organization. They help to foster an enjoyable playing environment for everyone by giving everyone equal ground rules and thus everyone starts at the same place.

The rules of this game are simple and easy to follow but they must be followed or you will be asked to leave.

We require that you:

Create a character biography and use the format that we've set up. It must be well thought out and be detailed.
Show respect at all times to the other players. It is not your place to "privately" comment to another player on their post. It is also not your place to scold anyone. Those are left to the Co-GMs.

Never overstep your bounds by using another players character or speaking for another character. If you want to use another character extensively in one of your posts, always get permission from that character's player. Joint Posts (JPs) are encouraged instead of this, however.

You may NEVER kill another player character or their "protected" non-player character (NPC). Only the Co-GMs may do so.
Never introduce a major sub-plot that will alter the main plot before getting prior approval by the Co-GMs.

We require that you post at least two times a week, although more is encouraged. If you cannot adhere to this policy, please do not apply. We realize that we all have lives outside of the internet and that things do unexpectedly occur. Simply email the Co-GMs and let them know that you will not be able to meet the posting requirement for that week.

Occasionally, directions of some kind will be given to your character within another post or you will be left a "tag". If you do not respond within a reasonable amount of time (usually two days), your character will be written for or around by the Co-GMs. Do not get angry. We will not let one player ruin the whole game just because they dropped the ball. Simply post in a timely manner and this will not happen.

Follow the Play by Email format we have set up. That is, a post written in a third person, past tense, narrative format. (Most books are written this way.)

Only original, player created characters are allowed. So, no, you may not play Buffy or Spike, or any of the other inhabitants of the Buffy and Angel television programs, books, video games, or comic books.

Have fun!

This RPG is managed by Co-GMs who also serve as the Slayer and the Hunter as well as the Vampires. There is an AGM/Webmaster that also portrays the Keeper. These three are the "ruling body" for this game and make all the decisions based on the administrative operation of the game. You may be solicited via polls for your input from time to time on issues which effect the game as a whole. Plot suggestions are always welcome, though not all are used.