Char Age: 102
Char Name: Syriene
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6ft
Species: Human/Demon (succubus)

Char Profile:
Many centuries ago, there was a group of assassins who made a pact with a demon for extra strength and abilities so they could carry out their missions more successfully. The group only allowed men, and any female children they might have were to be kept very much in the background, to serve the men in any way the men saw fit.

But a group of these female children, 10 in all, decided they did not want this way of life. So they trained in secret, becoming as good as the men they served. But they were discovered and driven away, although there was loss of life on both sides. Angered, the 8 remaining women attempted to summon their own demon to gain strength and power. They got a Succubus, and made a pact with her. The women took on aspects of the Succubi; in addition to strength, speed and other abilities, they also could become irristable to men - should they so choose. Including the ability to feed on the male essence for extra strength and power. In return, should the women bear male children, they would be given to their Succubus patron, and of the male essence taken by them, some would go to her.

They called themselves The Sisterhood of Succub; and their first self-appointed task was to find and kill the men who had driven them out. Since then, they have always targeted men, or will only accept a job if the target has a man about them.

There are always 8 members of the Sisterhood and they will live until they are killed. Each member is expected at some point to find a train their replacement. When that replacement's training is complete (or she thinks it is complete) she must challenge and kill her mentor in order to take her place in the Sisterhood. Once the Mentor is dead, the demon aspect will enter the Replacement, and she is then a full member of the Sisterhood. They will also take on the name of the old member; in that way the names of the Eight, are the same as the original women who formed the Sisterhood. If they fail to kill their mentor and are killed themselves, then the mentor must find another to train and begin the cycle again

In the slums of turn of the century New York, Colleen Finn was born, her mother dying at the same time. Her father was a drunkard who died when she was 8, leaving her alone. She was fierce and proud, never backing down from a fight. When she was fourteen, she had a reputation as a Street Fighter, and made money in illegal fights. In this way, she came to the attention of Syriene, a member of the Sisterhood.

Syriene took Colleen under her wing, helping her as much as the young girl would allow her. Life on the streets had taught Colleen that no one wants something for nothing, and she didn't want to owe anything to anyone; she'd learnt that lesson the hard way. She had ended up the plaything of a gang of men for almost six months before she was able to kill them in their sleep and escape.

Eventually Syriene told Colleen everything about the Sisterhood and what joining it entailed. Colleen accepted, wanting only to get out of the life she had. Syriene trained her, pushing her hard, suprised at how easily Colleen learned the lessons, how quickly she became almost as fast and deadly as Syriene herself. The Sisterhood was pleased for they would soon have a new and deadly member.

When time came for the Challenge, Colleen made it without hesitation. The battle was fierce, but Colleen won. And as Syriene slumped back dying, the Aspect passed to Colleen... but it was Syriene who turned to face her colleagues.

Since then Syriene has been with the Sisterhood, killing and feeding when necessary. In the last couple of years, she has taken on a trainee, but it will be a while yet before she is ready to make the Challenge. It's not her first trainee; there have been three others in the last 20 years. Lately though, she's been getting faint echoes of Colleen, and wants to get her latest trainee up and ready to challenge her before those echoes become too strong.

Her latest job was to prevent a man from leaving his home city for a period of time but not to kill him. It was very unusual, but since this mission was given to her by the Sisterhood's Demon patron, she could not refuse it Success would mean that a prophecy would be delayed or maybe even prevented from being fulfilled. She went to
the city where he lived and began the mission.

But something went wrong. She had sabotaged the breaks on his car; he would have an accident, but not a fatal one. He couldn't go anywhere from a hospital bed. But something happened; even Syriene is still not sure how. Along his route, at the place she chose, there should not have been a truck hauling a load to the nearest Gas Station. But there was - one minute it wasn't there, the next it was. With the breaks failed, the car impacted with the truck, and the gas ignited. The fireball killed a lot of people, not just her target.

And then Everything went white, and she could not move. Through the glare that was slowly decreasing, she could make out pillars. And then she heard the voices

"This was not supposed to happen." It was male. "Are we agreed?"

"We are." Syriene recognised the voice of the Sisterhood's patron. She didn't sound happy. "It was not me."

"And it was not us." Another voice, this one female. "There is something else involved. Something old."

"Or new." The Patron rasped.

A woman came round into her vision. Her skin was golden, and her eyes two burning white pits. "There must be a Seer, or the balance will shift in ways neither of us wants." She said, looking straight into Syrienes frozen gaze. "But there is no one there or nearby who can replace him."

A figure in a black hooded robe came into Syriene's vision. "What do you suggest?"

The man spoke, still standing behind her. "This one will suffice."

The Patron laughed horribly. "She is mine," She stated. "Bound by laws and traditions. She would not be there long."

"A stopgap only," the woman said calmly. "However long she serves, it will give us time to find another to follow her." Pause. "And while she serves, she is not only yours."

The Patron growled, and turned away, pacing out of Syriene's sight. "Very well," She said finally. "I will allow it."

"And she must retain the Aspect," The man said. "Otherwise she will not survive."

An angry and frustrated howl and a sound like grinding teeth. "Agreed." said reluctantly.

The woman turned as a man came into Syriene's sight., He two was golden with white firey eyes. The Patron came to stand beside them.

"I know that you can hear us," She said. "By killing the man you have set forces in motion that must none of us are yet ready for. Therefore YOU must replace him in the service of The Powers That Be for as long as you live.

"You do not have to like it," The Patron growled. "You just have to do it. Until your replacement comes to Challenge."

The man moved forward, one golden hand extended. "You will go to Chicago where the third Slayer lives. You will be her Seer, her link to us."

His hand seemed to shimmer and a blue mist came from his, enveloping her. The white glare faded as did everything else; drowning her in darkness. The woman's voice sounded faintly, echoing as if through a long tunnel. "We will provide you will an alternative to the essence you feed on."

Then Darkness cleared, and she was standing in a women's toilet, with no one else around. She could move and speak and her car keys were in one hand.

"What the f..."

The headache nearly bowled her over. She saw people, a girl, two men. The girl seemed to be shifting between wolf and girl. Then a street sign and a building. And then two others - a man and a woman who were vampires.

And then the pain and the visions were gone.

"Great." She muttered, "You couldn't have given me directions some other way?"

No answer, not that she was expecting one. She stepped outside and found herself in a gas station. Her car was parked across the lot. As she walked towards it, she saw a sign that simply read:-


She climbed into the car, turned the key and pulled out of the Gas station. Reluctantly, she turned it towards Chicago.


Syriene is well trained in killing, using martial arts or weapons. She is strong, silent and very fast. Wounds heal much quicker than normal.