Name: Satomi Anderson
Age: 21
Eyes: Kohl-lined black
Hair: Short, blue-black
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 112 lbs
Species: Asian - Human

Char Profile: "Tommy", as she's known by those few friends she has, is a smart, witty, dedicated girl bent on learning just about everything about demons there is to learn, and have a good time along the way. From a young age, she realized she was an outcast from society and used her sharp tongue and keen wit to amuse equally sarcastic friends. With the tragic death of her not-to-well loved parents at the hands of a vampire, Tommy has gained a new appreciation for the previously unseen world and how useful they can be. Obsessed with the supernatural, Tommy is now a living pool of demonic information, etiquette, and social sway. She finds it ironic that the people who like having her around most are those who care the least about her.

Pers Quote: "Vampires? You want to know about vampires? Look it up in the Britiannica and talk to me when you move on to Callicantzaros, vepars, and Orobas!" "Pft, amateur."