Name: Morgan Tyler
Age: 24
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Species: Werewolf

Profile: Morgan Tyler was born on a hot June 4th night, in New Orleans,
Louisiana. Her mother died in a car accident when Morgan was two years
old, so she really has no memories of the woman at all. Her father never remarried.

Morgan truly was the epitome of "Daddy's Girl". She idolized him and followed him everywhere. She made frequent visits to the police station and became the more or less the station's daughter. Being in the company of police officers, Morgan learned to handle a gun at an early age. Her father figured that since he was going to have one in the house, she should know how to handle it and learn that it was not a toy. She learned well and, when she was older, she learned how to handle a variety of weapons. A police officer's daughter should know how to take care of herself.

Despite her skills with weaponry, Morgan led a pretty normal childhood.
She went to school and got pretty good grades. She wanted nothing more
than to please her father. She noticed that she seemed to be a little
stronger than most other people her age, or anyone for that matter, but
it was something that never really became an issue.

When she was 18, her father decided he wanted to move to Atlanta, Georgia. He had gotten a job offer there that he just couldn't turn down. Morgan immediately applied, and was accepted, to Georgia State University. When she and her father arrived, she found it difficult to make friends among her peers. She didn't care and applied herself to her studies instead. She also found that her neighbor in the new apartment complex was quite odd. Often looking up to find him staring at her in the lobby, he made her uncomfortable. Morgan did her best to ignore him. Life was still good.

This, however, all changed the night of her 19th birthday. Her father's car had broken down and they had taken the bus to one her favorite restaurants to celebrate. It was well after dark when they started to make their way back home. The bus dropped them off several blocks from their apartment so they had to walk in the darkened streets of downtown Atlanta.

Suddenly, an animal jumped out of an alley and attacked Morgan and her
father. It ripped her father's throat out, killing him instantly. Morgan shot the animal twice with the gun that her father had given her as a gift a few hours before, but not before sustaining injuries herself. She passed out shortly after the animal fled.

Morgan awoke two days later in a strange apartment. She had no idea where she was or how she got there. Then her neighbor walked in. He told her that his name was Philip and that he had taken her to the hospital. She had been treated for her injuries, which included two bite marks. When he found out that she had no next of kin, he had brought her back to his apartment. At first, she was angry but soon realized that she had no reason to be. He was just trying to be a nice guy and help her out. And with the death of her father, she was going to need all the help she could get.

Morgan was devastated by her father's senseless death. Philip was kind and understanding; he let her live with him until she figured out what to do. She was grateful for his patience and soon found herself confiding in him; he virtually became the only family she had. They became close but it always seemed like he was hiding something.

About a month afterwards, Morgan went to bed early, in her own room, and woke up in Piedmont Park. She had no clue how she got there. When she finally made it home, she found Philip was waiting for her. She asked him if he knew what happened to her. Philip said nothing but put a tape in the VCR. Morgan saw herself, sleeping peacefully the night before. Furious, she demanded to know what kind of pervert he was but, again, he motioned to the tape. She watched as her body began to morph into that of an animal; the same animal that had attacked her and her father. By the end of the tape, she just stared at Philip. What was going on?

Philip calmly explained that the world that she knew was gone. He spoke of a world that only existed in her nightmares: a world full of vampires, demons, and werewolves. The animal that attacked her a month earlier was werewolf and, because she had been bitten, she was now a werewolf. Philip offered to teach her about this new world, help her defend herself.

Skeptical of his intentions, she asked him what was in it for him. Philip smiled and explained that he was also a werewolf. He couldn't have a young girl running around not knowing what she was and risk exposing them all to the real world. That and he liked her. Seeing that she had nowhere else to turn, Morgan decided to accept his offer.

Over the next couple of years, Philip taught her everything there was to know about the "creatures of the night". She learned how to recognize and distinguish different demons, how to stay hidden, and how to defend herself against various creatures. But, most importantly, Philip taught her about the legendary Vampire Slayer. "Into each generation a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers," he told her. But there was a new dawn on the horizon, for now there was not one Slayer, but two. And time was drawing near for one of them. She asked how she would recognize a Slayer if she ran into one of them, and he merely smiled, telling her that she would know when the time was right.

One night, Morgan awoke to find Philip standing in her bedroom doorway. He told her that the time was at hand. She began to sit up, demanding to know what he was talking about, when she was overcome with a feeling of power. It was so sudden, that it knocked her flat against her bed, almost as if was going to crush her. And then, she felt that power melt into her skin. It burned for a moment, almost as if she were being eaten alive with acid, and then stopped. It was then that she knew why Philip had been so secretive about the Slayer:

She was the new Slayer. The third.

Philip finally revealed his true self to her. He was part of a secret society that kept an eye on the Slayer, trained the Slayer, guided her. He was a Watcher. Furthermore, he was her Watcher.

It took time for Morgan to become adjusted to her new life, but she did so seemingly with ease. Her life had been normal a few short years ago, and now she was more than she ever imagined. But there was one thing out there that she wanted more than anything: she wanted the man who killed her father. Through various channels, she learned his name was Gavin Cross and that he was residing in Chicago. Against Philip's wishes, she set out for Illinois to find him.

Special Notes: Morgan has had a few encounters with the Initiative before. It's always been in her human form, however. She finds that being a werewolf enhances her skills as a the Slayer. Not only does she get the added physical benefits, but she also has access to many sources of information. Those with the kind of information she needs are more likely to talk to one of the monsters than one of the humans. Demon hunting is something she almost enjoys. Especially for those demons that can bring unwilling humans into their world. Morgan has no love for them at all.

Personal Quote: "It's easier to fight the monsters when you are one."