Hair: Brown (lavender in true form)
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5'4"
Pers Quote: Once a Guardian of the Fey World, always a Guardian. I merely Guard a different world now.
Species: human (technically 'fey')
Weight: 115.6 lbs.
Char Age: '21' (technically ageless)
Char Name: Miz Dee Sean
Char Profile:
Miz Dee Sean was at one time the Head of the Queen's Guardian Force that guarded outsiders from entering into the Kingdom of Fey. As Guardian she was entrusted to make sure a) no one learned of the Kingdom's existence and b) whoever stumbled in or did find out was dealt with.

A while ago by human reckoning, roughly three centuries ago, the Queen's Kingdom was invaded by outside forces. Due to humans increasing technology the Kingdom was unable to defend itself properly. In less then two and a half centuries (a twinkle in their eyes) the Queen was killed, the court scattered and the Guardians forced to go into hiding. The Princess, Ezmera, Miz's personal charge, in desperation melded them with a young mother and her infant daughter.

Since Ezmera's magics were still growing, the process was bumpy and skewed. Instead of totally taking over the young mother, Mary Sean, and her daughter, Dee, lives it turned out more like a split personality. While on the one hand, they were one person, they were also two separate people with two separate thought patterns and personalities.

Mary and Ezmera's 'joining' was far from perfect. Since Mary was twenty five years old, had a set personality and way of thinking, the two's clashing minds fought each other for dominance. When Mary was aged thirty, Dee about six years old, both Ezmera and Mary gave up the fight. As a parting gift, Ezmera made it possible for Miz to be able to tap into her full powers when Dee turns twenty one (the approximate age Miz was in human years when they were merged).

Dee/Miz was brought up a variety of relations, most giving her up after five years because she was deemed 'strange' and 'a bit touched in the head'. The official report from doctors was that when her mother died, Dee became a bit disjointed, making up her friend 'Miz' as a way to never feel lonely. 'She'll grow out of it eventually.' they assured the family.

Until then she was more an invisible friend to Dee. She was her companion as she grew, the soft voice to help her when she was down, the friend that she could lean on. While Dee didn't fully understand what Miz meant by 'her true destiny' and 'the world she once knew', she trusted in Miz.

Once Dee's 21st b-day grew closer, Miz began to prepare Dee for what was to happen. She told her that while they would still be the same person, they would be separate. When Dee got confused, her natural state it seemed, Miz told her that she shouldn't worry it was for her safety. Miz didn't mention she planned to continue her original job and begin to gather the scattered courtiers of the Queen's Kingdom to hopefully fight against the invader.

While attending Chicago University, Miz met one of the 'lost' courtiers, Kre'mana, who was adamant against returning to their former home. "Miz, understand, most of us are living human lives now, some even have families and positions of power in this country. We miss our land, what we had, but for now we are content...happy." Kre'mana told her softly after hearing her out. "What of you Guardian? Are you not a human now too?" At this Miz was silent. While she was reconciled to being part of Dee, and Dee part of her, Miz didn't consider herself a human.

A bit ago, a few months at most, it came to Miz's attention (through Kre'mana, who acted a warder to the lost ones of their Kingdom) that there were immortals afoot. The sort that she was at one time given free reign to get rid of for the sake of the Queen. Happy that finally she could fight again, Miz sought out the first one she could. It happened to be a vampire, which didn't matter to her, since he thought Dee would be a tasty snack. In Dee's panic, Miz took over and using her Fey powers to call upon the Earth as a protector and source of power, she blasted the vampire into tiny particles.

Dee, who could was still 'conscious' during this (much as Miz is when Dee is in control, aware of the surroundings and happenings, but not able to react physically), finally understood what Miz was patiently explaining to her over the years. The two, now in joint action, are able to move from one to the other quite easily when they wished. In reflections the other is reflected and in photos a double image is taken. Miz next to Dee or the other way around.