Name: Liam Creed
Age: 84 (appears in his mid-20's)
Species: Human (possessed)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 203 lbs

Profile: Born in Belfast, Ireland shortly after the Great War, Liam grew up in a typical middle class home. An unremarkable childhood led Liam to London, England where he sought to make his living as a dockworker on the busy port. There, he made a comfortable life for himself feeling contently small in the large, busy city.

Maybe it was that he was a small person in the world and that the world would not notice his absence, that Liam became target to an insidious plot. Of the many people that passed through the London port, a group of Slavic refugees took notice of the young dockworker. The refugees, whom in fact were fleeing their countries authorities, were practitioners of the dark arcane arts. Witches and Warlocks alike, they worshipped an ancient demon, Daeroth.

In a time before recorded history, Daeroth was a powerful lord that terrorized Western Europe. The shamans of the local tribes banded together and with a powerful ritual, banished Daeroth from the mortal plain. From his purgatory limbo, Daeroth recruited a cult of followers on Earth, who would one day return him to this world. And for the group of practitioners that had come to London, the time was at hand.

On a moonless night, the cult overwhelmed Liam and took his unconscious body to their lair, deep in the sewers of London. In the gloom of the darkness, a ritual that lasted for seven days and seven nights was weaved around the bound dockworker. On the last night of the ritual, the leader of the cult took up a wicked dagger and with a few words of invocation, thrust the blade into Liam’s bared chest. In this moment, the demon spirit of Daeroth crossed the barrier between worlds and poured into Liam’s dying body. The cult rejoiced as their demon patron started to consume the young man, healing the terrible wound and beginning to twist his form. But the neither the cult nor Daeroth himself had considered one think; Liam’s will to live. Inside his body, Liam’s soul fought against the demon spirit and finally overcame it, suppressing it.

With a roar of defiance, Liam broke lose from his bindings on the ritual altar and turned to the cult members with a vicious fury. Of the dozen members of the cult, not single member survived that night. Horrified at what he had become, Liam retreated from civilization for many years. Seeking solace, he lived as a hermit in the woods of England, fearing that the demon that still lurked within him might come out again.

It was not until twenty years ago that Liam finally did return to the world. With Daeroth still buried deep within his broken soul, Liam believed the only way to purge himself of this evil being is to purge the world of similar evils. As such, he has traveled the world looking for darkness and rooting it when he found it. His quest has long since brought him to America where he continues his crusade to free himself.

Special Notes: Due to his bonding with Daeroth, Liam has become gifted and cursed. His strength, endurance and prowess have increased many times fold. Additionally, he came sense his fellow supernatural beings and he also has an intuitive understanding of arcane demon lore and writings. However, with all of this, his is plagued by nightmares and waking visions of death, memories of his demon half. Weapons normally effective against demons also hurt him (silver, holy items, etc.) and his carries a dark aura with him. So powerful is this aura, that even non-sensitive people feel a type of darkness within Liam.