Char Name: Jezebel Caine
Species: Human
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Height: 5'7
Weight: 127lbs
Pers Quote: Do something you Hunk of Junk!

Char Age: 19

Char Profile:
Jezebel was born to a wealthy Californian couple, Lawrence Caine, a lawyer and his arty wife, Dotty. Jez (she hates her full name) grew up to be the stereotypical Californian Brat. She was the rich kid, the cheerleader, one of the beautiful people. She was bound to have a glittering career as a famous modal or actress she hadn't decided which yet. Then when she was 16 her world was shattered.

She was driving home from cheerleading practice when out of the bushes ran a ragged figure, Jez stood on the brakes but with a "THUD" the figure bounced off the bonnet of Jez's new red sports car. Shaken she got out and went over to see if she could help, as she crouched down, the rags moved aside and she got her first good look at the person she had hit. Jezebel gasped for whatever it was it wasn't human. Before she could scream, the monstrous figure grabbed her arm and clasped something around her left wrist and then it was up and off with only a muttered "Sorry" drifting on the wind. Dazed, Jez went back to her car and once in its safe and lighted environment she examined her wrist. Clasped around it was a Silver and Jet bracelet carved with odd signs and symbols but the oddest thing was that no matter how she looked she couldn't find any way to get the damn thing off. Annoyed she drove off but just as she turned the corner, she saw 5 odd looking figures standing in the road, their hungry gaze fixed on her.
The next couple of days passed with Jez trying to get the odd looking bracelet removed but it didn't seem to have an opening nor could it be cut or burnt. It seemed that she was stuck with it. The next night Jez woke up with a start, something had awoken her, something in her dreams. As she lay there trying to puzzle out what had woken her she heard a crash from her fathers study. Getting up she made her way down the stairs but halfway down she stopped with a cry. Her mother lay in a crumpled heap at the bottom and crouched over her was a woman who on hearing Jez looked up hissing showing pointed teeth and blazing eyes. The monster grinned and leapt but as Jez brought up her arms to protect herself she heard a buzzing coming from her bracelet and a bolt of silvery light burst out of it and hit the fanged woman who disintegrated into dust all over Jez. Shocked Jez stumbled the rest of the way down the stairs and in to her fathers study where more horror greeted her. A huge figure dangled Jez's father like a limp puppet, its strings cut. Then something moved from out of the shadows and Jezebel began to scream and scream and scream.
Jezebel doesn't remember much of what happened next...Except in her nightmares that is. The police found her in a disheveled and almost catatonic state on the lawn, her home ablaze behind her. They put it down as a robbery gone wrong, a tragic accident but Jez knew better. The monsters had come for the odd looking bracelet and had butchered her family to get it and they would of done the same to her if it hadn't stopped them.
Jezebel spent the next 6 months or so in the hospital for shock and then tried to get on with her life but she wasn't the happy go lucky person she used to be. The curtains had been ripped from her eyes and she'd seen the darkness that lay beyond, nothing could ever be the same.