Name: Sergeant Hunter Van Helsing
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195
Hair: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Green
Species: Human

Profile: Van Helsing was born on March 20th, 1976 to Professor Larimer Van Helsing Jr. and Samantha Finnerty. His boyhood was spent under the watchful eye of his father. Young Hunter was immersed day in and day out with constant studying of mathematics, grammar, philosophy, history, and so forth. But there was one subject that his father pressed on him and that was mythology.

Hunter could never understand why he couldn't live a normal life, like his friends. His father's way of life finally took its toll on the young man and it was then that Hunter began to rebel. In his mid-teenage years, Hunter found himself getting into trouble with the law and he always turned to the bottle to get away from the reality of his life.

One night after a big party at his friend's house, Hunter was stumbling home and he heard the sounds of fighting in a nearby park. With a big drunken grin on his face, he went to investigate. Nothing could prepare him for what he was about to witness. Professor Larimer Van Helsing Jr. and a tall man with fangs were doing battle. Hunter was in utter shock for a few moments as he watched his bookworm father beat the hell out of the man, but the tides soon turned and another attacker joined the brawl. His father was caught off guard, but no matter how much animosity he held towards his father, Hunter couldn't stand by and watch a few men manhandle his family. The young man rushed over and tackled one of the crazed, fanged men and did all he could to incapacitate him. His father seized the moment and plunged a wooden stake into the other man's chest and the teen watched in astonishment as the man turned to dust. His father tossed him the stake and instructed his son to do the same. Without any hesitation, Hunter plunged the stake into the other man's chest and watched as he turned to dust. After that night, nothing would be the same again.

Larimer's explanation to his son was simple. "Son, you come from a long line of Vampire Hunter's. Vampires are real. Demons are real. Every evil monster you ever heard about is based on fact. I have trained you scholastically and now you must train physically. For I will be soon passing the torch to you and you must carry on the family tradition that you ancestor Abraham started."

For the next two years, Hunter trained side by side with his father. Time and a lot of fighting had taken it's toll on his father and he couldn't help finish his son's training, so he suggested that he enter the military. No longer the young, disrespectful punk of the past, Hunter followed his father's orders and joined the U.S. Army. He breezed through basic training and he found himself become a member of the Army's famous 101st Airborne division. As time past and when he finally reach the rank of Sergeant, Hunter enrolled to become a Green Beret. Once again he breezed through training and he earned his beret.

Before he could go out on his first mission to Somalia, Hunter was plucked from his unit by the Government. He found himself in an underground facility and being told that he is now a member of the Initiative. The Initiative, he later found out, is a group of U.S. Commandos that capture and/or destroy the demon population. He was with the group for a year stationed in Sunnydale and then one day a genetically engineered Demon named Adam produced a clever ruse that resulted in the deaths of 65% of his fellow soldier. After the chaos, the Initiative was officially no more,or is it?