Name: Gideon, aka Sean "The Savage" Michael Patrick O'Hanrahan
Age: 1778
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Species: Vampire

Profile: Sean O'Hanrahan was born in Galway, Ireland in the year 224 AD. He was raised by his father and mother Cyril and Erin O'Hanrahan. His youth was spent working on the family's pig farm and it was his father's dream that his only son would take over the business when the time came. Sean on the other hand had a different plan for his life and that was adventure. Cyril would try to persuade his son to get his head out of the clouds and grow up, but Sean wouldn't hear of it. One day after a hard days work on the farm, Sean came home to find his belongings sitting out in front of his parents hut. It appeared to him that his father no longer wanted his son to be with them.

Accepting this new situation, Sean set out to live his dream. After days of wandering across the land of Ireland, Sean found himself sitting in a local 'tavern' in Limerick and in the company of the roughest men he had ever met. To his surprise none of the men even glanced at him, that is until one of the barmaids took notice of the young man and tried to lure him to her bed. Being the devout Christian he was, Sean remained celibate and rebuked all of her intentions. A man sitting across the room however misinterpreted the exchange being made by the whore and the lad. He approached the pair and informed Sean that the woman was his and that he had no business in the establishment. Sean went to leave, but apparently the man wasn't finished with him. Another large man walked up to the trio and attacked Sean. Battered and beaten, Sean realized that if he didn't fight back, he would be killed. When the large man threw Sean across the room, he crashed into a table occupied by a band of roughnecks. The leader of the gang slipped a small dagger into Sean's hand and pushed him back towards his attacker. Just as the man was about to finish the smaller man off, Sean plunged the blade into the man's neck. When the attacker fell dead in a pool of his own blood, a new mentality manifested itself inside Sean's inner being. Those feeling were rage, fury, and sadism.

The man who slipped Sean the dagger came forth and identified himself as Ryan Dominick Shamus McClowry, a Conqueror. He told Sean that he liked how he handled himself and he extended an invitation to join his crew. Sean agreed and left with his new allies, but not before decapitating the corpse and placing it's head on a spear in the ground. That act was a warning to all to never cross Sean O'Hanrahan. Ryan took Sean under his wing and taught the young man everything he knew. Slowly but surely, Sean was forged into a fearsome man and due to his animalistic and malevolent nature in battle, he earned the nickname 'Sean The Savage'. A few years passed and Sean sailed from country to country with his new 'family'. They were always on the look out for a new piece of land to claim or the next village or ship that needed to be pillaged.

One day the conquering Irish armada found itself sailing on the west coast of Scotland. Captain McClowry spied the island of Islay through his scope and was delighted to see the terror on the faces of the Scots. He ordered the ships to be brought about and he gave the order to launch a landing party on the isle. Five hundred Irishmen packed themselves into dozens of rowboats and with the horn blowers playing their traditional battle hymns; the Irish brought forth their invasion.

The local Scottish clan known as the Campbells, were totally caught off guard and no matter how they tried to organize an offensive, the Irish invaders easily slaughtered the masses. One rainy morning, the sleeping Irish were ambushed by the last of the able Campbell men. It was the first real moment that the Irish took heavy losses and were forced to retreat to send for reinforcements. As his brothers fell back, Sean The Savage continued to wage his own personal war on the guerillas. He fought like a deranged warrior, killing anything that came in his path. That is until a Scottish archer shot him with an arrow. He fell back into the wilderness and found a safe haven to mend to his wounds.

Sean stayed hidden for the following days, but he knew that if he didn't get back to his people he would die from his wound. He tried to rise and start his trek back to his ship, but he was too weak from the blood loss. Sean passed out for an undetermined amount of time. But he was awoken by the sounds of footsteps nearby. He weakly tried to remove his sword, but he failed. Unable to defend himself, Sean closed his eyes and gave himself his last rights, but was interrupted by a young woman walking over him. He grabbed her and pulled her down, covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He assured her that he wouldn't hurt her and pleaded for her help, to his amazement she agreed.

Over the next few days the girl, whose name was Catriona Campbell, would come to Sean and take care of him. Little did she know, the Irishman was planning on killing her once he got better, but he soon found himself developing feelings for the girl. The day finally came when his wounds were sufficiently healed and he was able to return to his people. He did however ask Catriona if he could see her again and he was delighted that she agreed.

Over the next few weeks Sean would secretly visit the young Scottish girl and court her. He enjoyed every moment with her and there wasn't a moment that went by that she wasn't on his mind. One night Sean cut a strip from his family colored sash and planned to give it to Catriona the following day as a proposal of marriage, but unbeknownst to him, the Campbells had sent for reinforcements to join them in battle. The MacDonalds arrived the next day and the battle waged on. Eventually the war resulted in a stalemate and the Irish and Scots called a truce, since that day the two people lived in relative peace.

Sean finally had his chance to propose to Catriona, seeing as he was allowed to remain on the Island. His happiness was short lived however, for when Catriona arrived she informed him that her father had promised her to the son of the MacDonald's chieftain. Sean was crushed and he went to leave Scotland forever, but Catriona finally professed her love for him. Drunk with love, Sean and Catriona consummated their relationship and fell asleep in each other's arms, promising never to let go. Near dusk they were awakened by a group of angry looking Scotsmen, one being Catriona's father. Sean was beaten by the mob for defiling a Scottish woman and was dragged back to town to be executed. They were however cut short by Ryan McClowry and the remaining Irishmen with their swords drawn. Catriona's father wanted the Irishman dead for tainting his daughter, but Ryan wouldn't allow it. Sean was like the son he never had and he would do anything to spare the boy's life. The two people finally came to an agreement, Sean was to be banished from the Island. Sean refused and demanded to stay, but the angry Scots finally chased him out as they threw stones at him.

As he made his way back to the ship, Sean changed his mind. He drew his sword, turned his horse around, and charged back to the village. He was a mile from the village when he was pulled from his horse and slammed against a tree. A very ugly man held the Irishman in place and told him that his species must grow to be beautiful and that Sean was a perfect choice. Sean removed a dagger from his belt and plunged it into the creature's body; he was shocked to find that it didn't affect him. The creature finally gave him a choice, to die or to become, as he was, strong, powerful, and immortal.

Sean awoke and found himself changed. The ugly man stood over him and helped him to his feet. He told him that he would never age, that he would live forever. Over the next few hours the man told him everything there was to know about their kind and after that he left as quietly as he came, never to be seen from again. Sean knew he was different and he knew that he wasn't the same man he was, but one thing hadn't changed, his love for Catriona. That night he went to reclaim his love.

It didn't take too long to find her. He watched her lovingly as he perched high on a tree limb. He also had seen the bitter Scotsman that followed her. Once the boy grabbed a hold of her, Sean leaped down from his perch and snapped the boy's neck. Catriona was very happy to see him, but he could see in her eyes that she knew he was changed. Sean told her what he had become and he offered her to be with him forever. Without a second thought, Catriona bared her neck and held him tight in her arms. After he changed her as he was, the Gideon and Destiny saga began.

For centuries they wandered the Earth and wreaked havoc wherever they went. No one was safe, human and demon alike. Death was their way of life and they showed mercy to no one but a select few who were loyal to them. Time went on, as did their killing spree that is until the Slayer amassed an army of demons to help her defeat the Vampire lovers. The battle waged on and Gideon and Destiny held their own. Soon they were forced back into their lair. Gideon forced Destiny into the sewer systems of Budapest and told her to go and wait for him at another safe haven, she tearfully agreed. He went back and continued to battle the army with his minions. The Slayer's army was falling fast, but then the unthinkable happened, a Chapavro demon caught Gideon off guard with a solid punch to the face, and he didn't even see the Feyarel demon pass the stake to the slayer until it was too late. The next thing he knew, he was falling down a pit and landing in an ocean of burning sulfur…he was in Hell.

Time passed differently in Hell he learned. For every week that passes on Earth, 10 years passed in Hell. He was plagued by torture every waking moment. People he murdered during his life came back and exacted their revenge on him. Gideon was close to his breaking point that is until his love saved his soul. He awoke in a cemetery in the year 2002 and Destiny was there with open arms. Not wasting a moment, they lovers picked up where they left off.

They tracked down the slayer in Sunnydale, California and they began their assault on her and her friends. As they had victory in their grasp, an unknown ally of the slayer was able to teleport the duo and himself to Chicago. Enraged, they decided to venture back to finish the job, but Destiny found a third slayer in their current town. The Vampires decided to stay and resume their war on humankind.

Special Notes: Due to his time in Hell, Gideon is closer to insanity then he ever was. Because of Destiny's resurrection spell, he has a high tolerance to an extreme amount of sunlight; also he can withstand most stake attacks, but only when he is prepared and when his strength is at 100%. But due to Destiny's current condition, he will allow her to feed off of him to regain her strength, leaving them vulnerable, but still two of the most powerful vampires in the world.