Character name: Doriana Anstice
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long, Black
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 10 Stone
Species: Immortal

Character Background: There are creatures that walk the earth that are not like us. Powerful, Immortal. They do not feed off of humans. They feed off of one another. They grow strong through Sharing. In their hierarchy, three things make them powerful. The power of the One who changed them. The power of those they Share with. And their age. Young ones are not powerful enough to initiate Change, their blood is weak. Old Ones are too powerful, their blood is toxic. Only those who occupy the middle ground are capable of initiating change. They are predators, and their favorite prey is each other. There is nothing more pleasurable then to Share unto death. This is the story of one of the Old Ones.

Born Anastasia, meaning one who will be reborn, in 420 BC in the city of Sparta, Greece. Children born in Sparta started their lives off with a test. Instead of washing an infant in water they were washed in wine to see if it induced a fit. This was a test of strength. Both males and females started their life this way and Anastasia was no exception. After passing this test, Anastasia spent her first few years receiving the basics in life, and very little affection. Once she was seven she started her education. Unlike Athens, females were educated in physical pursuits as well as how to read and write. Anastasia grew quickly and excelled at all physical aspects of her education. As her skill grew, so did her reputation. In an extraordinary event at the age of fifteen Anastasia was requested to join the Spartan army by General Lysander. She agreed and moved into the barracks with the rest of the Spartan men. Soon after Sparta found themselves going to war against their neighbor Athens. The Peloponnesian War dragged on for many years, and Anastasia fought bravely and had many successes in the smaller battles. Finally, in the last battle in 405 BC the Spartans destroyed the Athenian fleet. However, during this battle Anastasia who at this time looked like another other Spartan male was captured by the Athenians.

The man that captured her was someone she had fought throughout the war. He had made it his goal to capture the fierce warrior and once he claimed his prize, he traveled north into the area known as Thrace. This Athenian leader named Draco had been through the Athenian plagues and remarkably came out much stronger then before. He was an odd sort that many other leaders in Athens strayed away from. Needless to say, this man was the one that Changed Anastasia. After Anastasia's change she slept for many years, an after effect of the Change. Once awake, she fled Draco and made her way to the west on the river Thermodon.

Anastasia was found by a group of women warriors. She was hanging onto her horse for dear life, after her exhausting travels. She was still by a young one and had yet to Share with anyone. The women that found her took her to their village and nursed the woman back to health, as much as their mortal medicine would allow. Once Anastasia was back to her former self she met with the queen of the tribe, Cyane. Cyane was a great warrior herself, but she was also an accomplished diplomat. She had brought good fortune until the women of her tribe. Spending time with the Amazon Queen, Anastasia was finally asked to join the tribe. She was given the test of strength, intelligence and loyalty and passed, much to the Queens delight. When she was inducted into the tribe she was given the name Doriana, which meant beautiful gift. It was the Queens way of letting Dori know she was fully accepted and welcomed. Dori flourished in the village and even though the Queen was the only one that knew of her unnatural abilities it never became an issue. There did become a time when certain needs became more and more evident to Dori. The sight of ones blood gave her such a thirst that she couldn't explain. Cyane became increasingly concerned and sent out some of her best warriors to bring the man, Draco, which Dori had told the Queen about.

He was brought back to the village under protest, but when he found out that his "child" was there, he cooperated. The Queen ordered him to educate Dori on what she now was. He spent time with the young woman, explaining what they were and how they lived. Dori fought with the idea for a while, but then the first time she Shared with him, things fell into place, until the day he killed Cyane. Dori was enraged and bled Draco dry. Once he was killed, the tribe mourned the loss of Cyane and accepted her choice for the next queen, Dori.

Dori led the Amazon tribe for many years. She watched their numbers flourish as well as diminish. When it became apparent that they needed to move in order to survive, she planned the travel and let the women move on. She stayed in Greece a while longer, until she started to travel the world herself. Like most of the others, when she was in her mid-age she Changed someone, but that is a whole other story.

Dori fought in many wars, from The Crusades, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the United States Civil War and both World Wars. Today she goes by Doriana "Dori" Anstice. She still travels the world, but now as an Old one, she's settled down, still dealing with fighting the good fight and hunting down those of her kind that try to harm humans. She has seen much, but still has the heart of a young woman.

Pers Quote: "Even TIME, the father of all, cannot undo what has been done, whether right or wrong." --Pindar