Name: Destiny, aka Catriona Campbell
Age: 1778
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120
Hair: Naturally Auburn, but she loves to change it
Eyes: Hazel
Species: Vampire

Profile: Catriona Campbell was born in 224, in Scotland, on the island of Islay. The Campbell clan was a large one, and her particular family lived close to the beach bordering the Atlantic Ocean. For several generations, they shared the island with the MacDonald clan in relative peace. The clans were never really want for anything as they would help each other out occasionally when the need arose.

Then one day, the Irish came to Islay. They came to conquer the Scottish, fueling the ongoing hatred between the two peoples. The Campbells fought long and hard against the conquerors, but the Irish outnumbered them and they were forced to send for help from the MacDonald clan; they sought to unite the two clans temporarily to defeat their foe. The fighting continued while they waited for word from the neighboring clan.

Shortly before help arrived, Catriona was out gathering nuts and berries for that evening's supper; she had wandered away from the main group into an area hidden from sight from the others. She never even saw the wounded man until she was practically on top of him. He grabbed her, and pulled her down, covering her mouth with his hand. He told her not to scream, that he wasn't going to hurt her, and released her. He explained to her that he had been wounded in battle and asked for her help. Against her better judgment, Catriona agreed. For several days, Catriona would "wander" away from her people and go to help the wounded Irishman, whose name she learned was Sean Michael Patrick O'Hanrahan. He soon healed, and returned to his people, but he continued to see Catriona.

Finally, the MacDonalds arrived and helped to even out the odds. Now the battle wasn't so one sided. Eventually, a truce had to be called. The Irish agreed to teach the Scottish their ways in a peaceful manner, some were even allowed to live amongst the clans. At first, Catriona was delighted because Sean was one of those allowed to stay. But her happiness was short-lived, however. The two Scottish clans saw the benefits of having the other help them out, so they decided to join the clans together. The Campbell Chieftain's daughter, Catriona, was to marry the MacDonald Chieftain's son, Duncan. Catriona protested, but her cries fell on her father's deaf ears.

That night, Catriona told Sean of the impending marriage. She professed her love for him and could not bring herself to marry someone else, even if it was for the good of her clan. He told her that he felt the same way about her. They stayed together all night. Close to dawn, they were awakened by footsteps. Her father had awakened during the night and discovered her missing so he sent out a search party to look for her. They stumbled on Catriona and Sean together.

Scandal rocked the island. While the Irish people did not exactly disapprove of Sean causing an uproar among the clans, they did have to punish him for jeopardizing their treaty. He was banished from the island. Catriona, however did not get off so easy: her father claimed that the Irishman had bewitched her and that she was not responsible for her actions, so the marriage should proceed. Catriona protested once again, but this time her cries were met with her father's hand and she was beaten within an inch of her life.

That night, Catriona crept away from her village with the intention of never returning. She made it as far as the river before her husband to be caught up with her; he had been watching her, anticipating her flight. His intention was to let her get far enough away from the village so that no one could hear her screams, have his way with her, and then throw her in the river and blame the Irish for her death. He managed to grab her arm before a blur came out of nowhere and broke his neck, killing him instantly.

Catriona found to utmost joy that Sean had come back to her. But he was changed; pale, strong, and powerful. He offered her a way to be with him forever and way to get revenge on those that had kept them apart. Catriona agreed without hesitation. That night, Catriona Campbell died. And Destiny the Vampire was born.

They returned to her village and slaughtered everyone in the Campbell and MacDonald clan alike. Then they made their way to where his people lay and slaughtered them, too. After that, they left Islay, never to return.

Destiny and Gideon, as Sean became known, roamed the world for several hundred years together. They were inseparable and unstoppable as they found ways of gaining power with ways other than blood; Destiny began to dabble in the black arts and Gideon found that they could feed off of fear. They essentially ruled the demon world for several generations as no one could defeat them. Then came the day of the Great Battle.

The two vampires had become incredibly powerful; more so than any other being before them. At first, the other demons were jealous of the power that they had accumulated, but that jealousy soon turned to fear. They could literally do anything they wanted and not a single thing could stop them. Not even the Slayer it seemed as they had even defeated her. They actually turned it into a game at one point; they would kill one Slayer and then begin seeking the next one. It was kind of like a "Slayer Hide-and-Seek." So, the demons and the Slayer called a temporary truce and joined forces to fight against the powerful duo.

Though Destiny and Gideon were severely outnumbered, even with their own minions helping them, the battle raged on for days. They managed to hold back the Slayer/Demon forces quite well, but soon they fell to the massive numbers. Gideon and Destiny retreated into their stronghold, leaving those loyal to them to stay and hold the other forces back for a few minutes more. Inside, they attempted to make their escape, but it seemed that their fortress had been overrun even faster than anticipated; their masses were banging at the doors, threatening to break them down.

Inside lay a secret tunnel to the sewers; the fortress had been built that way for just such an escape. Destiny set foot inside the tunnel just as the doors began to buckle. She begged Gideon to come with her, leave what was left of their minions to fight and give them time to get away, but he refused. He gave her one last kiss and told her that he would be right behind her, that he wanted to watch the Slayer die. She tearfully agreed and continued down the stairwell into the sewers, with Gideon shutting the doors behind her.

Destiny was about half a mile away from the compound when she suddenly found herself unable to move, unable to breath. She was suddenly seeing through Gideon's eyes as he saw the Slayer plunge a wooden stake through his heart. Her body was racked with a pain she never thought possible and then, as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. At first, she thought it was the pain of death but she soon realized that it was the pain from her heart breaking: the love of life was no more.

There were a few who continued to search for her, but Destiny had gone into hiding. About a year later, she made one last public appearance. After months of stalking the Slayer, she finally fought her one on one. And defeated her. But instead of simply killing her, she did something far worse: Destiny brought the Slayer over into the world of the Vampire. After that, no one was particularly interested in challenging Destiny. No one wanted to face the Vampire who had nothing left to lose. Satisfied with this, she retreated back into the shadows and seemed content with being viewed as a 'living' legend in the demon world.

Centuries past, and Destiny stayed relatively quiet and kept mostly to herself. As it was, time had virtually forgot her and what she once was. That is, until the day she chose to step back into the spotlight. Destiny had not simply been in hiding for centuries; she had been studying. The knowledge she had learned and the power she had gained was incomparable. And, in the early 21st century, she decided to show the world exactly what she had been doing to keep herself busy all these long, lonely years: Destiny brought Gideon back from hell.

Reunited after centuries apart, Destiny and Gideon picked up right where they left off and began their reign of terror all over again. Even though Destiny had gotten revenge on the Slayer who killed Gideon years ago, she still had no love loss for Slayers as a whole. Gideon, obviously, felt the same way. They targeted Buffy Summers in Sunnydale as the object of their wrath, but, though some rather irritating and unfortunate events, found themselves sucked into a portal that deposited them in Chicago. At first angered by the separation from the Slayer, they made plans to return to Sunnydale. That is, until they discovered the presence of another Slayer in Chicago. In light of this new information, they decided to remain where they were and take her out instead.

Special Notes: While full of anger and imminently evil to begin with, her separation from Gideon did not bode well with her mental faculties. Destiny went slightly insane right after Gideon's death and it only manifested itself even more during the years that followed. While the extent of her instability is not known, it is quite apparent that she is a sociopath as she enjoys killing.

Personal Quote: "Death is only the beginning."