Char Name: Davo 'Bear' Dockerty
Species: Human/Lycanthrope
Char Age: 35
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 139 kg

Char Profile: Davo is a typical Aussie abroad - a fun loving larrikin with that classic down under drawl. He likes a laugh, has never said “no” to a beer and doesn’t mind a “blue” if the occasion calls for it. Oh... except for the part where he used to like “get all furry with it” once a month!

He had spent 5 years traveling greater and minor Asia, where he contracted a relatively rare form of bear lycanthropy; he is a were-bear. Luckily, shortly after the event, he also found some people who helped him control his “beast”. These kindly souls were the cloistered monks who inhabit the mountainous Himalayan high and low land of China, Tibet, India. These were the original (some quite literally!) practitioners of the animal forms of Kung Fu; whose descendants popularized the ‘Shaolin’ styles.

Anyway, in return for his instruction to control the animal within, he was told that one day he would be called upon to repay the debt. Davo never forgot his lessons but at the same time, as time went by, he began to think this ‘debt’ would never be called in. In fact years went by and Davo earned his keep as a sometimes bodyguard, monster-bar doorman or just hired muscle when the money was right and the work not too messy - morally at least.

Then one night, when it was the furthers thing from his mind, a Cooley-looking, straight off the boat (or plane as the case maybe) Wudan Mountain-Temple monk came a-calling.

The monk, Wang-Chi, had been sent from the temple after the ‘Powers That Be’ had contacted the elders there. Dave’s debt was to be called in and his mission named. Help the good fight by preparing a place for Wang Chi as he attempted to contact the newest Slayer. A great evil had arisen in Dave’s current home, Chicago, and it’s insidious evil had taken firm root in the city. He was to assist Wang Chi by whatever means, in contacting the Slayer and then by providing on going support as possible.

Unfortunately, while Wang Chi had a bunch esoteric knowledge and loads of fighting skills, he lacked in street smarts and, while Davo was out getting groceries, he accidentally killed an undercover cop and got thrown into the big house.

Now, despite his sometimes-arguable sense of justice, Dave is a man of personal honor and duty and he felt that, seeing as how he had let the monks down by not looking after Wang too well, he owed it to them to take Wang’s place. That is, until they could be contacted and a replacement sent at any rate.

Pers Quote: Great is Ma'at (the way) Great is the follower of Ma'at. My friends, seek to live in accordance with Ma'at, for, if you do not succeed in softening the sharp edges of your mind they will - like so many diamond blades - shred your reality into incomprehensible pieces...