Char Age: 17
Char Name: David Giacomo
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dirty Blonde, short
Height: 5'9
Species: Human
Weight: 165 lbs
Pers Quote: "An asteroid crashed and nothing made me wonder."
Char Profile:
David was born on a reservation in the southwest Arizona, to a Native American mother, and an Italian father. His parents met while studying at Arizona State University. Falling in love, Linda Buckear convinced Joseph Giacomo to move to her reservation with her after their marriage. There life was good on the reservation, but Joseph felt that if they were to start a family, it would not work out. But, since the young couple was yet to have a child, they remained on the reservation.
Finally, when Linda became pregnant, Joseph was able to convince her to move with him to the suburbs of Chicago. So, with little David resting in the womb, they set up shop in Illinois. Linda became the housewife, and David began a job in an auto body shop.

Time continued on, as it tends to do, and David grew. Though there life was simple, it was not impoverished, and it was good. David did well in school, but had trouble adjusting. Not that he was strange, but he was by nature quite and introverted, so he had trouble making friends. The few friends he did have though, he was very close with, and they comforted him. Things changed though when David turned 11.

Unknown to David, his mother had been struggling with a drinking problem long before he was born, and it finally caught up with her. Succumbing to the undiagnosed cirrhosis of the liver she was dealing with, David soon found himself alone in life with his father. The introverted boy soon turned farther inward. Though they were emotionally broken, some good was to come of the situation. A lotto ticket bought by Linda was a winning one, and soon David and Joseph found themselves 40 million dollars richer. Joseph decided to move out of the suburbs, and soon David was torn up from his old roots, and put down in the big city.

Making friends was hard enough for David, and in the bigger cityscape he had even more trouble, especially after his grievous loss. Though he had a few acquaintances, David turned to books to sate his interests.

David father had buried his mourning with money, and had little time for his son, now wheeling and dealing with his new millions. David soon began dipping into the occult and mysticism, learning what he could about the taboo topics. After talking with the right people, young David began to train himself to be a warlock.

When David's father's attention finally turned back to his son, eh found a young man he never met. Infuriated, Joseph and David fought heatedly over his new habits, as well as Joseph's new pretty girlfriend. The end result, David ran away, and spent from his thirteenth birthday to his fifteenth on the street.
The time on the street was very rough for young David, but it taught him some very valuable lessons. Finally though, he and his father reconciled. For another year David stayed with his father, before the eruptions began again. As David had advanced in age, his arguments with his father became fiercer. Plus, being independent for so long on the street, the chafing rule of his father dragged on David. On his 17th birthday custody was split between Joseph Giacomo, and David's uncle Simon, a relation of his mother. Though David would live with Simon, he would visit his father weekly. This is the situation David finds himself in today.