Char Age: 35 actual 18 appearance
Char Name: David Fiene
Eyes: clear blue
Hair: blond
Height: 5'11"
Species: zombie
Weight: 140 lbs
Pers Quote: never give up

Char Profile:
David was born in 1967 in Wyoming. He grew up there in a little town called Senthville. He had never been one of the in crowd and spent most of his time as a loner that is until he met Anna. Anna was to him the most beautiful women he had ever known she had flowing dark raven hair, soft green eyes and the cutest tiny voice. He fell for her the first day he saw her. He managed after a couple of weeks to muster the courage to ask her out. And much to his surprise she agreed. They dated for a couple of months, when she made her first confession to him that of being a witch. David didn't know much about such things but he didn't see anything wrong with it and continued to date her. Things went well into the next year, being his senior year and her junior year in high school. When her health began to wane. This was to spark the second confession. Anna told David she was going to die, she had a terminal illness and the doctor told her time was running out. She also told him of her plan to come back to him if he would only wait for her. He didn't understand so she explained that she could make him into what some would call a zombie by trapping his soul in a golden box, and that as long as the box was never opened he could never die. So with this he could wait for her to be reborn so they could be together again. At first he was opposed and thought she was nutzy but as her condition worsened he became more desperate and after she had collapsed one Sunday morning he made up his mind to go along with it. After the change he tended to Anna until her passing, her family understood how he felt and let him take care of her. Upon her death David left town to find himself again. Stuck in the shell of a 18 year old was not all bad but he soon found being soulless wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Sure he couldn't die and if he was hurt it would heal in a matter of minutes also he no longer needed food or sleep, but other than that there were really no special powers granted him. In fact it was more of a weakness than anything. He wasn't as strong as he used to be (which wasn't that impressive to begin with) his co-ordination for the most part suffered and basketball seemed nearly impossible for the former fanatic. He was constantly tired during the days and only at night did he ever feel "alive". Finally, as he learned a couple years later, there was the whole demonic possession thing. Sure he was in control of his body but from a distance so it wasn't long before Nodge took up residence. Nodge was a bit of a weakling and it didn't take long for David to learn to control him. However it does make for the embarrassing occasion of talking to himself in public. So after wandering for a while boredom took over and David decided to enroll himself into Columbia college in Chicago.

David is 5'11" tall skinny and quite pale. His eyes are glassy blue and his hair light blond and tends to be quite wispy. Most people know him as the guy who sleeps in the back of class as he is always tired and usually passes out during boring lectures. He looks like he is likely sick but most have seen him at the local hangouts at night where his usual sloth like pace seems repealed and he acts just like any other clubby.