Name: Dafydd ap Llywelyn
Age: (Physical age 29)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Species: Human

Profile: Dafydd was born in the Rhondda Valleys, Wales in the year 1917. He was raised by a group known as the Keepers. Worshippers of the nature entity known as Gaia (The One). The Keepers use their powers to maintain a balance between good and evil because each is needed for the world to function. If either side becomes too powerful, it could destroy the world. Wherever there is a powerful demon, there is a Keeper working against him, wherever there is a powerful Slayer, there will be a Keeper watching her.

Dafydd had studied magic for 75 years and participated in the expulsion of vampires from Great Britain. As a reward for their service, Gaia provides the Keepers with extended lives, most living over three hundred years.

After the Keeper watching the slayer, Buffy Summers, was killed, Dafydd was tasked to maintain the balance between good and evil at the hellmouth.

Gaia herself changed Dafydd's mission. He was now to protect the key after she had been captured by Gideon and Destiny. Dafydd worked with the forces of good to expel the vampires with the help of Dawn and her newly awakened powers. Dawn opened a portal and, one by one, the vampires were drawn into it. As Dafydd turned from the portal to congratulate Dawn, he was dragged into it by Gideon. It was only because of the love of his goddess for him that Dafydd survived the portal journey. When he awoke, he was alone in a strange city with only his magic to aid him. Gaia's voice no longer echoed in his head.

It is now Dafydd's quest to regain contact with Gaia and work for the forces of light once again.