Name: Charlotte "Charly" Brown
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 132 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Species: Human

Profile: Charlotte was born to a very small family just outside of Chicago. Her mother and father had been trying to have a child for a long time and felt incredibly blessed when they finally had their daughter. As a consequence, Charly, as they nicknamed her, was very loved and very spoiled. She was never want for anything and was raised with a very good set of morals. She learned “The Golden Rule” at a very early age and has always tried to live her life that way. Sometimes, however, she would let her mouth run away with her.

Charly never really took any flack from anyone, not even her teachers. The only real trouble she ever got in while in school was when she would back talk a teacher; she simply did not suffer fools gladly. If the teacher said something that she disagreed with, she would point it out to them. Her parents never really disciplined her for it, because a lot of times she was not in the wrong, but instead tried to teach her to hold her tongue. It didn’t work all the time, but she did manage to go to the principal’s office less for it.

Her parents always allowed her to do basically anything she wanted and to pursue her interests as she fit. As a result, Charly has quite an eclectic group of interests ranging from science fiction books to musical movies, sword collecting to baking, animals to serial killers. The latter of the interests earned her the reputation of being quite odd amongst her peers, but she did not care. Her parents were a little concerned for a while, but decided that she would grown out of this “phase”.

When Charly graduated high school, she enrolled in the neighborhood community college and earned an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Her parents were confused as to why she wouldn’t want to attend a large university, but they supported her nonetheless. After she earned her degree, she enrolled in the police academy and graduated with very high marks.

Now was when her parents finally spoke up. They didn’t want her to be a cop; they didn’t want to see her get hurt. They tried to tell her that she wouldn’t like working for the police because it was a very hard job and she would burn out. Charly refused to listen to them and continued with her dream anyway. Moving to the city of Chicago, she quickly found a job with the force in the narcotics department. Being that she was so young, and female, she often posed as a high school student in the local area to bust dealers in the schools. She was pretty good at it, too, since she had an innocent look about her. She managed to earn major respect for herself by busting up what turned out to be a major drug ring in the city, leading to the arrest of one of the most notorious dealers in town.

It was her high achievement that led to her unfortunate mishap. She’d drawn attention to herself, so she was no good as a narc anymore. And she’d drawn attention from the other various forms of lowlifes in town. On her way home one night, she was jumped out in the parking lot of her apartment building. They tried to wrestle her to the ground but her reflexes proved to be a little faster than theirs; she shot and killed one of her attackers. This frightened the others away and she, herself, sustained no injuries, but it forever changed her.

Her parents got wind of the incident and begged her to change careers but she refused. After a month of paid leave, Charly returned to the station to work in the homicide department.

Personal Notes: Despite the fact that they do not agree with their daughter’s choice in career, Charly remains close to her family. She goes to visit them regularly. She is a relatively normal, albeit jaded, individual that believes in only what she can see with her own eyes, only what she can feel with her hands. She loves to read about ghosts and vampires and werewolves but will not even begin to entertain the thought that any of it is real. She is a skeptic to the Nth degree and will attempt to explain anything and everything rationally. Charly is known to be relentless, nosy, and sarcastic; these are the signs of a good cop.

Personal Quote: “And I suppose you have a six foot tall white rabbit standing right beside you, too, eh?”