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College Girls Gone Wild

How was your weekend? Well here's ours!... Ariel siittin on the sink it the dyke hall bathroom...and the boredom begins Nice face Lee Anne! Aaah, J Dubs- Jackie came up for a visit now she's holdin it down in Boston DG style...HOLLA Ariel's brother, Ian, and his puppy, Amber...isn't sh e just adorable???!!! Ariel and Lee Anne Ariel, Mel Digs and Lee Anne Mel Digs and Nick...oh how not really they decided to get freaky in ARIEL'S bed later while she slept on the FLOOR...dirty dirty that how we do? HAHAHA just kidding Ariel and Sam, the random girl who saved Ariel from the ghetto guys late night at a frat...when lee pussied out and went home, well she went home cuz she was scared of the guys How absolutely adorable is Ian's puppy???!!! You can't tell but she has a little sweatshirt on in the pic along w/ a diaper...don't ask!...but it was cute Ariel dying laughing...Lee must have cracked a funny This is pretty self explanatory...Ariel chugging a beer Lee Anne smilin nice and big...maybe because she just realized that she has the best roommate ever...Ariel Another one that's pretty self explanatory...Lee with an unlit joint cuz she refuses to smoke ever again...we'll see about that hmmm.... Ariel hangin out in her PJ's This picture is entitled "Straddle Lane"...Lee Anne's straddling her Saddle Lane street sign, pretty clever huh? Ariel infront of the heap we refer to as our "trash can & recyling bin"...the two baskets really just turned into an over flowing heap...but don't worry we took the trash out just after snapping this shot, it was a rough week okay?! Ariel fuckin around w/ the hideous yellow scarf mama dukes gave her for shoulda seen the pic of her with the full hat, scarf and matching gloves outfit...bad choice mama dukes It looks like Lee Anne's tryin to eat the dog or something, but she was really just attempting to be a sick fuck and lick the thing...she was sexually frustrated that day...she kept tryin to touch Ariel's bum Ariel and her friend Austin who came up to visit for the weekend Oh, it's Ariel and Austin again, just not as close up this time A few of the stuffed animals lined up on Lee's cute! Ariel cuttin holes in her jeans in an attempt at a Halloween cosutme??? Ariel stickin her tongue looks deformed though What boredom will lead a person to do...Ariel blew up a condom and wrote a nice little message on it..."Condoms, Wear One" Lee Anne dancin, or posing...hmmm, you choose Ariel and Digs when Digs, Jill came up for a much needed visit Lee Anne and Ariel bored bored bored on a wednesday night went outside and took pictures late night when they lived in scott Lee Anne and cute! Another extremely boring night, and they end up in the kitchen this time...Ariel gettin a was all Lee Anne's idea! And here come the camping pictures, Ariel, Mel Digs and Jill went camping this summer and here are some pics! This is Ariel...COCKED...this is what happens when u send 3 girls into the woods for two days with three thirty racks, and yes, we finished every last one and i seem to remember some of the Docta? Jill and Ariel sittin around the fire...good times Yeah Mel! hmmm, how fucked up does diggity look??? Ariel...what the hell kinda face is that Classic Jill picture, a cigarette in her right hand and a beer in her left. True Fact: there is not a single picture of Jill in this whole roll where she does not have a butt in one hand and a beer in the other. Ariel...big smile...double fisting Nelson and Bronx playin around while we all pre-game and get ready to head across the street to the bar Diggity and Raskett-how adorable! Fat Fuck Jody necked in Ariel's bed...don't you just feel bad for the poor defensless little teddy bear? Okay...I just spent from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. up-dating this bitch so there'd be new pics and so it didn't take forever to load the page anymore for everyone who doesn't have high speed internet...AAAHHH sleepy time before class...let us know what yah think