A Conversation by K.Karma


you wanna coffee? you said so ..... where? now really, the only way it will work is for me to sit there and you to walk up and tap me on the shoulder as you know/seen me, but i haven't seen you .... you could walk up behind me and run your luscious long red fingernails along the nape of my neck and non-chalantly whisper "hello tiger" in my ear .... yep, long red ones, do what a girl has to do!

i would turn around and in my best schoolboy french say "enchante" as we peer lustingly into each others eyes ..... you would take my hand and softly knot your fingers into mine and think of long lingering moments to come in the sensual recesses of each other's mind ..... where the most base sexual urges frantically fight to overcome the mundane orderliness we must appear to be in control of in order to maintain our always precarious position in society ...... (my god, after all these years of work, one slip is really all it takes?)

so what are you thinking, lover to be? ..... can you feel the inner child-teenager longing to be taken on the oval by the blonde centre half-forward who kicked the winning goal in time-on? can you feel his hand, softly weaving his way down to your soft virginity ...... you cannot hide the pulsing heat running through you, your short, sharp breath he feels on his neck, a complete giveaway .... no cool calm girl here, he has you, you have him, it makes no difference, you have each other ..... a nonsensical chaotic mess of hormones waiting to mix on a moonlit drenched oval somewhere between back pocket and half-back flank!

....... more later of the initial pain, the sticky wetness, the muffled scream so the mates don't take a look .... the hand over your mouth, the taste of his fingers ...... the look on the boy's face when you rolled him on HIS back and showed him a taste of the secret power that all women know they have ..... something the young centre-half forward's brain has little (if any) understanding of ... all he can see is your breasts above him, erect nipples that once again give away your once cool facade .... is this what it is supposed to be like ... the first time .... ?

ahem .......

tell me where to be .... friday night .... i'll sit and wait for red fingernails to run along my neck .... (i just hope i don't spill my latte) .....

The end .............

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