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Some Bands I liked playing with ....

This page is a loose musical history; I've added audio (for better or worse) wherever possible with a brief description and a few memories.

As is always the case with bands, great gigs were not recorded, bad ones were, and sometimes that bad recording is the only thing left to remember the band by ... oh well, that's life ....


My Dad, John Quinlan ran the Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton from 1963 to 1976, in 1966, the Prickly Bush Folk Club needed a place to play so Dad set up the Beer Garden and the long history of Irish Music at "The Dan" began .... I earned my pocket money by collecting ash trays and glasses, washing, vacuuming, counting the money and eventually serving behind the bar, this was 1969 to 1974 .... Music was everywhere and it rubbed off, I knew I wanted to play "something" ...

So, my parents signed me up for Violin lessons at School when I was in Grade Five; Things started off well enough with School Concerts, School Choir and me being in the "good" class; The school orchestra played a lot of stuff, but I knew the violin and I were having a turbulent relationship; eventually the violin teacher delivered one stinging put-down too many and I lost heart, I did everything I could to get out of lessons; leave the violin at home, ask to go to the toilet 5 minutes before lesson time and not come back until after it was finished etc ...

My class music teacher was Brian Fitzgerald, I liked him, he showed us lots of different types of music, one day one of the kids brought along Deep Purple's "Made in Japan", I'd never heard anything like it before, and that was it, I wanted to play drums.

My mother signed me up for lessons with Harold Ripper at the Melbourne Music Centre and I was off. I used to get kicked off the drums at 8pm and still wanted to play, so I saved up and bought a Fender acoustic guitar for $90 and a chord book with the change, I used my Violin book songs to get used to the notes on the guitar and chipped away.


I don't have any recordings of the bands I played with during these teenage years (probably just as well).

My first band was made up of me and a few guys from the grade below me in school, I taught one kid how to play root 5 barre chords, we did dismal covers of The Who, Stones and Zeppelin. One of them borrowed my Led Zeppelin Complete Book then wouldn't give it back ....

At our only gig at the school dance (about 500 kids) the foldback was so bad that band kept stopping because we couldn't hear each other, I ended up launching into a solo when the band stopped for about the fifth time, everybody clapped and the school bully stopped picking on me. That solo got me a pash later with a skinhead chick who liked me, but I got sprung for smoking and I had to do hours of detention.

1977 - Joined a band called Archer, once again a lot of Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Hendrix Covers, we played a few gigs, we weren't too bad but the bass player and I were at each others throats most of the time .... out first gig was a party in Hawthorn, the police were there within minutes of us starting, we were loud and I'll always fondly remember nearly everyone in the block of flats opposite us on the other side of the Railway Line screaming for us to shutup .... we played the Broadford Bikie Festival and

Double Standards (with Garry Havrillay) 1982-84

City of Essendon Band (with bandleader Ron Rooth) 1989-1994

Megwyn (featuring Louisa John-Kroll) 1991

Beltane 1992-93

The Band from Utopia 1994

The Zappa Instrumentaale 1995-1999