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9/27- had our first practice. got 4 songs down; the spreading gray forest, tyr, season of death, concerete/razorwire.

dystrophy: members

nick- bass
aim: nc830

aim: crasspoltical

Kate- guitar and heroin dealer

John- evil screams of satan

FRIDAY November 14th 193degrees Coffeehouse in the Memorial Union at 7pm. w/longshot KO and Ataraxis. email for directions.


The Spreading Gray Forest-- my home was once so nice and green I basked in the sun and played in the trees but a gray forest has swept over the land now everything I see is gray and bland the trees are now rectangular and cold the humans have made them their homes the ground is no longer made of dirt now itís a cold grey world full of hurt everyday is a struggle to survive around each corner is a chance that I may die I cross solid gray rivers dodging metal machines theyíll run you down theyíve killed my family my food supply is dwindling fast Iím forced to rummage through the humansí trash these towering monsters are all so sick they wonít think twice to snap your neck around the rivers are the corpses of my friends I get the feeling weíre nearing the worldís end these human beings are destroying everything they are selfish and the evil is spreading!

Murder and Death-- murder, death troops are marching to war today they are going to blow the enemy away guns are fired and blood is spilled how many more people must be killed? Murder is what youíre advocating death is what you are making murder, death skulls lie empty, your eyes appear blank all you see is massacre rolling in on tanks explosions surround you, bullets going by with each trigger pulled itís more and more likely that you are gonna die

When Bush Comes to Shove-- weíre well mannered boys we donít act out of line we do our homework every night and hand it in on time we donít cuss or drink cos thatís the devils way and we never ever masturbate cos the church said it ainít OK itís easy to call for war while youíre sitting pretty in D.C. But would you be so brave on the front lines of the middle east? if it were you that was going to die if you had to chance being blown up would you fly half way around the world and still be talking to tough? But when thereís oil to be had there will be bombs dropped from above this is what happens when bush comes to shove the people donít want your war so you gotta lie to them tell them that iraq has weapons of mass destruction but donít tell the fools how the economy will suffer you gotta spread hate cos you canít get rich off of us loving each other and when ratings are down there will be bombs falling from above thatís what you get when bush comes to shove

Tourrettes-- (Random fuckin cuss words)

The Season of Death-- The sky is falling in flakes of ash the sun is gone everything is cold and gray corpses are strewn in the streets in this season of death we knew this would eventually come itís only a matter of time till the arms race came to itís finish but this race is unusual there are only losers no one can claim to be the victors we all had the bomb and we were all at war and as each bomb fell, so did more and more and when they had all been used the living left their fallout shelters the landscape was charred and soaked in blood bodies were everywhere, stuck in the mud this is the nuclear winter letís make ash angels this is the nuclear winter letís make ash angels

Concrete//Razorwire-- they are building walls stealing land in Zionís name concrete razorwire extermination gazza strip and the west bank concrete razorwire two nations insane warring over religion concrete razorwire they are building walls solid symbol of hatred concrete razorwire when will the people of this planet realize that violence is destroying it fighting each other when we should have peace hereís to hoping the violence will cease suicide bombers and walls of despair when will people begin to care the U.S. is supporting a military occupation we need to tell the government to stop sustaining this violent situation!

U.S. Foreign Policy is Terrorism-- He claims to be fighting for freedom and democracy but heís using sadistic methods to force on others his own twisted ideology he lies about iraq having nukes but wants to build some himself is the hyporcracy of our foreign policy apparent to anybody else? If the people who are calling for a war on terrorism want such a war to be truly effective they need to drop the nukes on themselves cos U.S. Foreign policy is terrorism who drops the bombs? who drops the bombs? who drops the bombs? who drops the bombs? who drops the bombs? who drops the bombs? who drops the bombs? who drops the bombs?

Johnís Tree-hugging, Hippie-shit Song-- rape the land in the name of progress to see who can build it the fastest I donít need a fuckin highway Iíd rather breathe call me a criminal but YOU kill the earth terrorizing the planet pandemic of greed whatís gonna be left 10 years from now a giant parking lot or a fuckin wal-mart? Iíd rather breathe but it doesnít matter to you just turn on the television let the next generation worry in the end youíll fuckin see the earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas pandemic of greed

Youíre a Machine-- broken down robbed of youíre humanity learned to kill taught to hate youíre no longer a human being youíre no longer a human being youíre no longer a human being no youíre just a fuckin machine shaved head empty eyes mind is filled with all their lies you went to war fought the enemy you did youíre duty and felt nothing

Fascion-- the clothes you wear the way you dress should not dictate how much respect you get fashion is, fashion is, fashion is fascism go to the mall stand at the windows and drool why are sweatshop products considered cool?

when the fuck will you reaize that violence never solved a thing?

no sounds up as of yet, but soon we'll have a demo and a site on check back.


Unwelcome Authority (christian): controlled by fear// kept in line// fascist thugs// my life is mine// your authority don't mean shit to me// power-monger// badge wearing bigotry// gun-toting macho fuckers// no one controls me// maintain order// protect and serve// abuse and harassment// don't fucking deserve//

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