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Cheats & Secrets For All Conker's Games

Conker Live & Reloaded Xbox Cheats & Secrets


Barrels Of Fur & Stuff

Go to Castle Von Tedistein and choose to be on the SHC team. Right after you spawn look at the barrel right next to the spawn point they say CLR - BFD


If you read the news paper at the begging of the It's War chapter two of the headlines in the upper corners say " King Bee's Love Triangle" and "Ugas Killed In Bolder Tragedy" There is another one in the lower right but I can't read it you might check this out though.

Submitted By: Josh Gillespie


Be a Programmer!

Press the L Trigger, R Trigger and the Black button at the same time at the Cock & Plucker or at the Multiplayer Menu. This will start up the Soak Test. This lets you preview parts of the game from Live & Reloaded. If you press the Back button you can show the level info that the developers used. If you press it again you can turn it off.

*Note There Will Be Many Load times If you try this!*


Tons Of Secrets and Cool Stuff

Ok here is what I have found. If the trees that are now all over Windy started growing right after BFD they would be 5 years old. 1 of these trees that is at the base of the mountain that the Windmill is on has a big tear on it. If you know something about trees you know that you can count the rings on a tree to tell its age. If you count the rings there are 4 and if you count the outside layer as a ring the tree is 5 years old!

Here’s something else when you start a game in hung over chapter if you look around where you start you will see a carton of milk. 1 side as a picture of Conker and it says have you seen this squirrel no not just here. 2 other sides have a picture of one of the cows you kill and says Mavis under the picture. I guess she produced milk and poo. and the final side says ingredients: just milk you fool.

Warning milk may contain nuts!

And the other thing I found are some things that make Berri more naughty.


1. She has a vibrator on her dresser

2. The poster on the toilet in the War Chapter

3. Her Rock Solid dance is more suggestive

4. She has a beauty mark on her chest. (noticed during the vision of death secret)

5. The number on the back of her outfit says 69 don't make me explain what that means.

6. She is in the Fur Only Magazine and in the magazine that is laying on the fence in Hungover.

If you look on the inside.

One more thing if you return to the Hungover area later in the game you get your frying pan back as long as you stay somewhere in the area.

Submitted By: Josh Gillespie


Conker See's visions of death!

After you dress up as Neo Conker in the Heist chapter follow Berri up the stairs, but do not go in the Bank. Stop and go back through the tunnel from where you came. Come back and look at her face. Every now and then you will see blood show up on her face! Conker is having a vision of Death!

Submitted By: Josh Gillespie


Squirrel Slaps a Tedi

At the Main Menu, highlight Options. Watch the Squirrel and the Tedi talk.

Eventually the Squirrel will slap the Tedi.

Submited By: Steven Ortiz


10 hidden lives In the area where the all the cheese is located. Jump around towards the back wall and th lightbulb will appear. Conker will turn into an anvil, break a wall and the tail will give you 10 extra lives just like it did in the old Conker's BFD.


Banjo in the Trees!

Go to the Spooky chapter and go behind Gregg near the little house. Zoom with your gun through the window and look up in the trees and guess who's up there. The one and only Banjo the Bear!


Go near the toilet in the It's War chapter and look at the sign it says.

Call Berri She's Waiting for Your Conkers. That girl is so bad!


Look at the trees in Windy. Some have Conker & Berri in a heart written on them.


On the level, Heist "Enter the Vertex" look over at the desks in the main entrance past the metal detector. There is a picture of real people in ski outfits. Possiblt members of the Conker Team

Submitted By: ConkerXtreme


When you're playing as Neo Conker, look on the side of his sun-glasses, it has the letter "C" for Conker. Submitted By: Teros


R2-D2 In Doon? Submitted by: Josh Gillespie

I found a secret in the Doon level. 1st choose the SHC after you go around the first corner you will see a light above the door ,it is like a street light. If you manage to jump up on the doorway you can look at this light. It is R2-D2 from Star Wars!


At the beginning of the game, select Game 3. The doors in the background should then open to reveal Cooper, the main character in Rare's first Xbox title Grabbed By The Ghoulies barfing in a toilet.


Unlock Potty Mouth for Multiplayer

To unlock Potty Mouth on multiplayer and Live, you must complete all three difficulties of Chapter X.

Another way to Unlock Potty Mouth

You can also unlock Potty Mouth by beating the Single Player or by having all 6 Class Medals on Xbox Live.


Xbox Live Multiplayer Upgrades

By playing online and winning, you'll be able to unlock upgrades for your character.

Unlockable How to Unlock

+1 Mine per loadout 500 mine kills (specialist)

+1 Primary grenade slot 500 marshalls assasinated

+1 secondary grenade slot 500 generals assasinated

Avatar Pack 2 50 kills total

Avatar Pack 3 500 kills total

Bonus Avatar Pack 500 mobile unit kills

Enhanced healing speed 2000 healing points (specalist)

Hacking Device: Speed chipped 1000 VC Points

Increased Strayfur clip, Guided rocket boost 1000 kills (demolisher class)

Instant Detonate: snoopa 500 backstabs (Specialist)

Instant Detonate: Snoopa 500 headshots (specialist)

IR enhance, Booster plus, Quicker Tank breech,

Improved hogster All 6 specalist medals

Kinetic seal:Increased repair efficiency 1500 Repair Points (specialist)

Only Veterans can handle this kind of language All 6 class Medals

Projectile Colour - Regal purple bullets 3000 Kills Total (Purple Streak)

Projectile Coulour - Golden bullets 1500 Kills Total (Flame Fire)

Quicker targeting, Quicker Breech 1000 kills (sky jockey class)

Re-spawn penalty modifier 1/2 reduction 4000 Kills Total

Recharger Boost: thermo weapons 1000 kills (Thermophile class)

Sinurator tank capacity 500 Fire Damage kills (specialist)

Snoopa. Improved cloaking 1000 kills (sneeker class)

Steadier aim, Nimbler reload 1000 kills (long ranger class)


Conker's Bad Fur Day Cheats

Enter The Cock and Plucker and Type In These Cheats

50 lives: Enter BOVRILBULLETHOLE as a code

Easy game controls and difficulty: Enter EASY as a code

Very easy game controls and difficulty: Enter VERYEASY as a code

Debug mode: Enter XFYHIJERPWAL_IELWZS as a code

*May Crash Your Game*

Play as Sergeant and Tedi Leader in multi-player mode: Enter RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE as a code

Play as Cavemen in multi-player mode: Enter EATBOX as a code

Play as Conker in multi-player mode: Enter WELLYTOP as a code

Play as Gregg the Grim Reaper in multi-player mode: Enter BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT as a code

Play as Neo Conker in multi-player mode: Enter EASTEREGGSRUS as a code

Play as Weasel Henchmen in multi-player mode: Enter CHINDITVICTORY as a code

Play as Zombies and Villagers in multi-player mode: Enter BEEFCURTAINS as a code

Frying pan in race mode: Enter DUTCHOVENS as a code

Baseball bat in race mode: Enter DRACULASTEABAGS as a code

New death animation in multi-player mode: Enter SPUNKJOCKEY as a code

Some Cool Conker Secrets

Funny comments Enter an obscene word as a code to hear funny comments.

Infinite tails Find the hook on a sign in level 2. Intentionally die to start the hook tutorial. The hook will now have a tail for extra lives. Take the tail and return to level 1.

Return and another tail will appear on the same hook.

Repeat to get as many lives as needed.

Skip introduction sequence Press Reset as soon as the Nintendo 64 is tunred on.

Press Start when Conker cuts the Nintendo 64 logo to advance to the starting menu.

See Banjo's head Turn to the options screen in "Cock and Plucker"

Look above the fireplace to see Banjo's head.

See Kazooie's head Go to the chapter selection screen and play any level.

Before the level starts, you will be able to see Kazooie's head on the umbrella-like object

Conker being bored Let Conker stand without doing anything and he will start to do things like play with a yoyo, drink something, and pull out a Game Boy. When he pulls out a Game Boy, press R to go into first person mode to watch him play Killer Instinct. Do not move or Conker will put it away.

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

All Chapters and scenes unlocked: Enter WELDERSBENCH as a code

Barn Boys chapter: Enter PRINCEALBERT as a code

Bats Tower chapter: Enter CLAMPIRATE as a code

The Heist chapter: Enter CHOCOLATESTARFISH as a code

It's War chapter: Enter BEELZEBUBSBUM as a code.

Slopranos chapter: Enter ANCHOVYBAY as a code

Spooky chapter: Enter SPANIELSEARS as a code

Uga Buga chapter: Enter MONKEYSCHIN as a code


Conker's Pocket Tales Cheats

Bonus music:
Stop playing without pausing the game to eventually have Conker play music from Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Country.

Restore energy:
Save the game when low on health, then restart to resume with more energy.

Hint: Mushroom Town: Defeating first Boss:
When fighting the first Boss, stay far down from where the rock worm goes and it will never hit you. When he comes by, shoot him until he dies. You will not lose any life from him; just a few Conkers.

Glitch: Saved game deletion:
If the game is played on a classic Game Boy after a game has been saved after play on the Game Boy Color, that saved game file will be automatically deleted.


Diddy Kong Racing Cheats

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes through the "Magic Codes" selection on the options screen. Enter the code again to disable the cheat effect. Note: The cheat codes can not be saved and must be entered with each game session. Additionally, some codes will only work in Tracks mode and have no effect in Adventure mode. Note: Every time you defeat Wizpig, a code will be revealed.

Rainbow balloons
Green balloons
Yellow balloons
Red balloons
Blue balloons
Free balloon
No zippers
Bananas slow race
Unlimited bananas
No bananas in multiplayer mode
No CPU player weapons
Two-player adventure mode
Alternate horn
Enter BLABBERMOUTH. Note: This code also works in Adventure mode.
Expert CPU
Level three items (top baloons)
Start race with ten bananas
Music test
Enter JUKEBOX. A music test option will be available on the "Audio Options" menu.
Large racers
Enter ARNOLD. Note: This code also works in Adventure mode.
Small racers
Enter TEENYWEENIES. Note: This code also works in Adventure mode.
Race against same character
Enter DOUBLEVISION. Note: This code also works in Adventure mode.
View credits
Enter WHODIDTHIS. Note: Reset the Nintendo 64 to resume.
No slow down
Enter OFFROAD to drive at full speed when leaving the track.
Display ROM checksum:
EPC Lock-Up display
Enter EPC.

Play as Drumstick:
Collect all of the trophies and amulets. Move to the central area, with the red spot that leads to all other zones. Run over the frogs near the edge of the water. Run over the frog that has a red bird perched on its head to access Drumstick.

Begin the game in adventure mode. Use the car and drive around where the frogs are located. There is one frog that looks like it is holding a little red flag. Run over that flag. You have now rescued Drumstick the chicken. He will now be available when you select a driver at the start of the game.

Play as T.T.:
Beat T.T.'s course times on each race under time trial mode. T.T. will be selectable after the game is reset.

"Hope those Cheats help You!"