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Guided Tour of the Cold Tile Floor Circus

Welcome, welcome one and all, big and small, short and tall to the wonderful Cold Tile Floor Circus. For all of you who are returning to CTF you will notice that everything is a little different. We upgraded!! Now what happened with the last upgrade is that may people became lost and disoriented by the new features and the new look. So to help you out here is your guided tour of the circus.

August 11th, 2006

Someone finally noticed and chose to comment!! That is right I took down my Neopets Link. Did I finally out grow my beloved source of mindless flash games?? I most certainly did not, I had a falling out!! I mean a flaming falling out to the point that I am boycotting Neopets. My account was locked on account of some 'adult' language I used in a message between myself and my former rival. Thus I cannot access all of the neopoint/neoitems I have worked for well going on 4 years now to amass but that is not really an issue I dunna care they are just items and money they can be replaced. They will not let me access my pets!! That is right there is no one to take care of Marrow, Laurie and Zorianneo and that makes me sad. My poor pets are all alone with no one to take care of them. The people at Neopets willna even let them go up for adoption so that they might find anouther good home. Oh I am so sad so their information is being stripped from my site and I wash my hands of them.

August 3rd, 2006

New Photos are up! Go check them out.

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For this week that wraps up your tour so go out there and check out the website!!

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