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Real World News

I have found proof of the real world.

November 3rd, 2006

Wow lads and lovies how life has changed. I want everyone to know right now that I am going through some stuff. If you havena heard I my significant other and I have split up. I would like to thank everyone for leaving me the devil alone during this as the last thing I want is a bunch of people telling me what to do, la sigh I really would like someone to tell me what to do but I am screwing this up pretty well on my own.

How is school goin'? I am stressed to the nines. Last night I woke up from a dead sleep at 2:30 in the morning wide awake and thinking up code. So what did I do? Well I'll tell you I wrote code for hours!! Am I almost falling asleep here at school? You better believe it I think I will have to go and grab some caffine cause lads and lovies I am dead on my feet hence the lime green hat. The brightness of this hat is what is keeping me awake.

What am I doin' besides school?? NOTHING!! I go home and I work on homework and when I am not working on homework I am thinking about homework and when I am taking Robyn time I am thinking about homework and when I am falling asleep I think about database code and when I am in the shower I draw flow charts in the steam on the walls and when I am hanging with my siblings and my dog I am trying to figure out how I am going to merge my data in the Master System. Yup I am burning out lads and lovies.

Oh and who ever said that when you are 17 with 3 years of experience you are too old to go trick or treating?! That is right I Robert Laynethian McMillan The Seventh went trick or treating! Why would I do that? Well come on now I dunn ahve to buy junk food for months! Not that I really eat junk food or ever buy junk food but now my grocery bill can be a little bit smaller. La fun la fun!!

Stay Frosty!

And We're Walking