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Lemon Land

In the back and to the right of the Cold Tile Floor Circus there stands a very small red tent. Those who rule over the Cold Tile Floor Circus have no claim to this small tent or what goes on inside. This tent belongs to the lemons.
Sitting on a table in the center of the tent are five whole lemons and five half lemons. Place an item, an idea, the name of something onto the table and the lemons will arrange themselves to display their ratting of that, item, idea or name.

Feel free to place anything on the table.

This week the lemon's look at: Cup Cakes.

I love Cup Cakes!! I love making Cup Cakes!! I love decorating Cup Cakes!! I like finding Cup Cakes in the Microwave!! I like finding Cup Cakes in the fridge!! I dunna like how sick I get because I eat too many cupcakes and too many cup cake decorating supplies while decorating an entire solar system of cupcakes (except Mercury), 2 mushroom cupcakes, 3 bleeding heart cupcakes, 3 sushi cupcakes, 1 crab cup cake top & 3 volcano cupcakes which didna work out so well because my lava never became a solid.

If you would like to see something set on the table for the lemons to rate just e-mail me the idea to with the subject 'Lemon Land'. Thanx

And we're Walking