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Writing Spotlight

Robert and Malachi Save the Cheese Whiz

By Dru June

So it would begin on a day like any other that the great quest to save the Cheese Whiz.

The adventure started one day when Robert decided that she desired toast with Cheese Whiz as a snack between mighty heroic escapades involving the evil mold monsters who had taken up residence in the fridge. But when Robert first attempted to open the Cheese Whiz and get at the golden treasure she discovered the terrible truth, the lid was screwed on too tight.

It would seem to Robertís thinking, as she sat looking at the Cheese Whiz forever trapped in the glass prison, that J-Rod the sometimes side kick or instigator of Robertís adventures has been the last to use the Cheese Whiz. Again it would seem that J-Rob was sending Robert on an adventure for he had closed the Cheese Whiz jar so tight that she could not open it!!

Robert would not be deterred by this latest set back, there would be Cheese Whiz on toast this evening, even if she had to find another adventurer and ask them for help. Yet at the moment Robert was the only adventure in the Bat Cave for Wachachi was not home. Yet Robertís loyal side kick Malachi was upstairs enjoying life in the flower vase. Thinking to herself that it was indeed time to again clean out the flower vase Robert left the Cheese Whiz and went to find Malachi.

Quickly Robert transferred Malachi from his flower vase home to the jar he lived in while the vase was being cleaned. Making quick work of the green slime that was growing inside the vase.

Soon Robert in her mismatched socks of power and Malachi in his vase of travel were sitting before the jar of Cheese Whiz. Together they pondered what could be done. Together they tried many things, hot water poured on to the cap, using a towel to help twist off the lid, hitting the blasted lid with a knife. All was to no avail the Cheese Whiz remained trapped in impenetrable glass prison.

In their darkest hour yet Robert and Malachi preyed to the gods of the Cheese Whiz to free their trapped treasure. Then they received a signÖ

To Be Continued

And we're Walking