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Carriage Hill Residents

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Re: Busted up ol' fences

From: Site Owner
Category: Maintenance
Date: 02 Aug 2002
Time: 08:21:39 -0400


Well put! Profits can be realized from happy residents! The thing is, I don't think were unreasonable people. Everyone expects crime is going to happen and things are going to be broken, the world is not a perfect place. But what I want to hear and see the statistics to back up is that I don't have to worry about some thug creepin in my window at night, or that some punk is going to be waiting on the corner to harm a loved when taking the trash out. We need the security measures working, and in many instances I would be happy to hear that management recognizes that something is broken, but that there are just to many other jobs of higher importance for them to fix this week but they will get to it. Is that asking alot? Simple security measures like lights in hallways working, door locks are functioning ect is not to much. How much does a freakin light bulb cost? 2.39 and you get 4 of them! Wow. Imagine that. One of the many roots of the problem is Sawyer and the management team lack of communication to the residents as well as lack of action and lack of respect.

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