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~Xanadu Dream Morphius~  

Lakewood Bakari x Skyehi Posha
Introducing Morphius who inherits the typey Leopole ALC line from his sire and SnoPride and Junglebook lines from his dam. He's one of those outstanding kittens you can't stop watching and wondering about and Morphius has developed superbly.  Pictured at 8 months above he was not yet even full grown but already sported a very well-muscled, robust body, strong head and muzzle not to mention a short, high contrasted, silky coat dripping with horizontally alligned, dense rosettes.  The natural exotic flow of his rosettes and the degree of contrast are hard to believe in an F7 SBT.  He fits into our program direction well and from unrelated lines, contributing the genetic diversity for which we strive.  For what more could we ask?  We hope Morphius will push the cutting edge coats of our line further while balancing, genetic health as well as structure. Pedigree linked above.

~Xanadu Dream Jokers Wild~

 Xanadu Dream Dragonz Eye (Pedigree) x Xanadu Dream Gina Lola (Pedigree)

Joker is our "most home grown" stud.  He combines the legacies of four of our previous studs: Eeyaa Tumbleweed, Eden Vesuvio, Lakewood Bakari as well as his sire Dragon. He represents the attainment of goals for more flowing, evenly spaced paw-print markings, a longer body and spots all the way down the legs.  He is also very friendly and passes on his strengths to most of his kittens.

~Xanadu Dream Mercury~

 Xanadu Dream Zorro x Xanadu Dream Juliana
(for pedigrees please see parents)

Mercury is our new "cool-colored" young stud pictured at 9 months old. He is robustly structured, typey with dark flowing rosettes and an easy-going temperament.  He is grandson to our studs Morphius and Lance, dams Kiki and Gina.   All the reference studs below except Titan (his uncle) are in his pedigree.  He carries Taro, Phantom, Leopole, Art Deco, Kabuki ALC lines and the Cheetahtu Amur line. 

~Reference Sires~
 ~RW DGC Eeyaa's Tumbleweed~

Click above for more pictures
CH Millwood Italian Filigree x Eeyaa's Bottled Genii
HCM Screening link
photo credit: Anthony Hutcherson

The first time I saw pictures of Tumbleweed years ago, I was surprised and inspired that his wild look was even attainable in the Bengal breed and in a fertile SBT.  His rosettes e  xceed those of even some pure wild ALC's. We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Weedy's flowing, rosettes are unique in that they contain elements of both paw-printing and chain rosetting - both are traits challenging to attain in the breed even seperately.  Weedy is also strongly boned, well muscled and throws very nice heads and appealling faces on his kittens - full whisker pads and lots of contrast. Every kitten out of him seems to be a knock-out in one way or another.  And on top of everything Tumbleweed is affectionate, easy-going, tolerant and welcomes human attention and contact.  He passed these traits to many of his offspring.

Naturally Tumbleweed's pedigree is also top-notch.  He was bred by Jean Mill (Millwood) the founder of the Bengal breed and her daughter Judy Sugden (Eeyaa).  Early in his breeding career, Jean Mill showed Weedy to earn his Double Grand Champion status.  His breeding career took him to Nicole Sullivan (Kutabays) as well as Anthony Hutcherson (Jungletrax) where he bred some beautiful Bengals.  After an extenisive breeding career Weedy is finally retired here in Florida enjoying pet life.  He inspired and brought our breeding program a long way.  We have kept a few of his daughters out of Glory, Otci and Raya in our program to continue his legacy here.  His daughter Fiorella with Glory, in turn bore us or current stud, Dragon.

~Eden Vesuvio~
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Nairobi Rosetted Valentino x Nairobi Asian Ocelot
Vesuvio is our Bristol line male also out of the Baghara Khan ALC line. Julie Jenson (Eden) had a picture on her available page of a tiny dark male kitten out of a female ("Otci") already coming to us. He had irregularly shaped, dense, horizontally flowing markings.  Based on that promising photo we decided to bring Vesuvio into our program.  A little later, Julie sent another picture of him eating where one could see his spots opening up into small rosettes towards the front of his body.  Vio was developing even better than we had hoped.

Still we were not prepared for the striking little fellow who greeted us at the airport.  The shipping agent literally did not want to let him go and made an offer on the spot.  Though they are from very different lines, Vio's horizontal flowing rosetted pattern is similar to Tumbleweed's (our retired stud) with a bit more paw-printing.  Jeezy is a product of three consecutive Bristol line-breedings (Margay ancestor in addition to Leopard Cat) from the Nairobi and Gogees Bristol lines.

He is a good buddy and his entertaining antics have earned him the name "the monkey."  Loves to play and then will settle down and cuddle up to us.  His calm, very affectionate temperament is even more incredible than his appearance and he passes it on to his kittens.  A big thanks to both Chuck Britelli and Julie Jensen for our Vesuvio. 

 ~Lakewood Bakari~

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Lakewood SOS x Lakewood Myna Surprise

Bakari is a beautifully rosetted F6 from the rare Leopole ALC line.
He has a wild flowing pattern and has retained excellent contrast into adulthood. At four years old, his background color is still light enough to accentuate the richer rufous inside his rosettes. He is robustly boned and has is very typey in structure and movement.  He also has a very gentle, friendly temperament. Thank you Maria Colwell of AmarilloFields Bengals for the opportunity to work with Bakari. Bakari recently sired our incredible new stud Morphius.

 ~Tailspin Lance Romance~

Calcatta Tyler of Tailspin x Anjou Jolie of Tailspin
photo credit: Bobbie Damiano

We thank Bobbie Damiano for her "Lance" who combines the Phantom, Art Deco, Kabuki, Bonzai, Baghara Khan, Hatfield and Taro ALC lines. He contributes a very high degree of genetic diversity as well as great type. He is a large, very well-built cat with excellent contrast and color. His markings have more "acreage" (further apart) than what our line is known for but his substantial contributions in conformation out-weigh that.  Our stud Titan and queens Juliana, Lana as well as some of their kittens will carry on his legacy in our breeding program.

~Xanadu Dream Dragonz Eye~
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Xanadu Dream Fiorella x Eden Vesuvio.


"Dragon" is one of our home grown males from different lines we combined trying to attain our goal of densely marked, flowing patterns. Dragon was grand-sired by Eeyaa Tumbleweed and sired by Vesuvio (both can be seen below) and carries on their combined legacies. His small almond-shaped, paw-print chain rosettes opened up as he developed as true rosettes should. He also has an appealling facial expression, long and robust body, nice head, whited belly. And similar to both Vesuvio and Tumbleweed he has an ridiculously affectionate, people-oriented temperament. Watching Dragon develop has been very rewarding. He is our best buddy and continues to produce some of our most outstanding kittens.   More pictures of him and pedigree are linked above.

~Xanadu Dream Zorro~

Xanadu Dream Morphius (Pedigree) x Xanadu Dream Kiki
(for Kiki's pedigree please see her link on Dams page)
Zorro is an F6 SBT expressing excellent contrast, type and horizontally flowing rosettes.  In addition to the more common lines, he carries Leople ALC line from Morphius and Kabuki and Phantom ALC lines from Kiki. We have held on to a few kittens out of him and he is now enjoying pet life.

~Xanadu Dream Titan~
Tailspin Lance Romance (Pedigree) x Xanadu Dream Gina Lola (Pedigree)

Titan is cool-colored and typey in appearance and movement. He sports a very robust, long-bodied build combined strengths from both parent. His head is extremely substantial and wild looking. Titan stood out from his first day. He was unusually strong from day one and developed extremely fast. From his sire Lance he carries Phantom, Art Deco, Kabuki, Bonzai, Baghara Khan, Hatfield and Taro ALC lines.  From his dam Gina he carries Leopole and Cheetahtu ALC lines.  His legacy with us will be carried on by a few kittens we are watching now. 


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